→  For brands and agencies

All-in-one influencer management tool

Find the right creators, manage influencers, monitor content, and save time on influencer marketing.

Here’s how it works:

Manage all of your influencers, collaborations, and content in one place, and save time.

→  Build and nurture relationships with influencers who 🖤 your brand

Influencer marketing is all about relationships. Our influencer relationship management software allows you to organize all your influencers, add notes, labels, and reminders, and monitor branded content.

Search Instagram and TikTok influencers and see a detailed report for every account

screenshot of the search for influencers

→  Find new influencers with our Influencer Discovery

Find new creators from our database of 64 million TikTok and 72 million Instagram influencers – filtering them by keywords, interests, audience, and more.

For every influencer, you will get a detailed profile report with social metrics and audience insights.

All of this for 50€ monthly. Cancel anytime.

Promoty Free

  Add up to 10 influencers in CRM
  Add up to 5 brands
  Create unlimited CRM boards
  Chat with the influencers who have the Promoty app
✗   Message influencers who don't have the Promoty app
✗   Find influencers and get their advanced analytics with Discovery
✗   Detect collaboration content






Promoty Premium

  Add up to 50 influences in CRM
  Create up to 5 brands
  Create unlimited CRM boards
  Add unlimited team members
  Chat with the influencers who have the Promoty app
  Message influencers who don't have the Promoty app
  150 Discovery credits to find new influencers and get their analytics
  Detect collaboration content




or 550€ yearly



Build your own plan

  Custom influencer slots
  Custom Discovery credits

Promoty Premium influencer slots and discovery credits

Possible add-ons:

  Templates for contracts
  Custom payouts to influencers
  Add read-only colleagues
  Campaign management service
  White label solution



Save time on influencer marketing while building strong influencer relationships.

Get started for free. No credit card information required.