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All-in-one influencer management tool

Find the right creators, manage influencers, monitor content, and save time on influencer marketing.

Here’s how it works:

Manage all your (potential) influencers, collaborations, and content in one place.

influencer management tool  –build long term influencer relationships

→  Build long-term relationships with influencers who 🖤 your brand

Influencer marketing is all about relationships.

Organize your (potential) influencers, add notes and labels, attach contracts, use the chat to negotiate details, and monitor branded content.

Find new influencers and see detailed profile analytics for every influencer

screenshot of the search for influencers

→  Find the right influencers for your brand

Find creators from our global database of over 190M influencers – filtering them by keywords, interests, audience, and more.

For every influencer, you will get a detailed profile report with social metrics and audience insights.

Trusted by over 10,000
marketers around the world.

I've been using Promoty for over a year – without it, I wouldn't have spent the time to reach out to individual influencers manually and wouldn't have gotten this traction.


The return on investment is a no-brainer, $50 per month is a great bang for the buck.

Micha Mazaheri
Co-founder & CTO





We were looking for fans of Taffel fans with different looks and in different ages who, with their genuine work, would tell the story of the Taffel brand.


Finding such a target audience for your own product descriptions requires resources, which is why Promoty provided a valuable tool for finding suitable influencers.


Our goal was to get 10 images – but in the end, we bought 27 vibrant images. In general, we got a lot more than we dared to hope for.

Wilma Inkinen LM Someco  influencer marketing experience with Promoty

Wilma Inkinen
LM Someco


As a proud customer of many years, I can confirm that Promoty does save time – whole chunks of it actually.


It groups all of our influencer-related things into one platform and siimplifies it for us. We choose the influencers and pay the invoice while Promoty takes care of all the bureaucracy and payments. I'm happy to pay 50€ monthly to have all of this fixed and made easy for me.

photo of Siim Pukk, Head of marketing and growth in Fudy

Siim Pukk
Head of Marketing & Growth




The collaboration with Promoty was smooth, agile, and positive. Things are handled so efficiently when faced with an expert who clearly knows the field of influencers and his or her own service excellently.


I especially recommend managing your campaign through Promoty – it’s a smart service that saves the customer's time. Additionally, it’s great to be able to track campaign statistics in real time.

Saara Ritvos – Lumene

Saara Ritvos


All this, from $50 monthly. Cancel anytime.

Promoty Premium

  Add up to 50 influences in CRM
  Chat with influencers
  Access to Influencer Discovery
  150 credits for Discovery
  Detailed influencer analytics




$46 if billed yearly



Promoty Professional

  Add up to 150 influences in CRM
  Chat with influencers
  Access to Influencer Discovery
  450 credits for Discovery
  Detailed influencer analytics
  Create unlimited CRM boards




$137 if billed yearly



Build your own plan

  Custom influencer slots
  Custom Discovery credits

Promoty Premium influencer slots and discovery credits

Possible add-ons:

  Custom payouts to influencers
  Campaign management service
  White label solution



Save time and get better results with influencer marketing.

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