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What other
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“We were looking for fans of Taffel fans with different looks and in different ages who, with their genuine work, would tell the story of the Taffel brand.


Finding such a target audience for your own product descriptions requires resources, which is why Promoty provided a valuable tool for finding suitable influencers.


We gave the influencers a lot of freedom with creating the visuals. Everyone was allowed to choose their favorite product – that was something that gave the images a genuine feel.


Our goal was to get 10 images – but in the end, we bought 27 vibrant images. In general, we got a lot more than we dared to hope for.”

Wilma Inkinen LM Someco  influencer marketing experience with Promoty

Wilma Inkinen
LM Someco


Some of our previous
influencer campaigns

Wolt City Discoveries

Estonian 100th Anniversary
Hike Series

ACME Film “Annabelle Comes Home”

Sutu Bamboo Straws

Lumene's product launch

Halva's Kingis product launch

Wolt City Discoveries

Goal: Inspire people to explore the outdoors
with Wolt Food Delivery

Reward: Money
Posts: 43
Reach: 237 611
Likes: 26 583
CPE: 0,13€ cost per engagement

Estonian 100th Anniversary
Hike Series

Goal: Promote the hike series organized for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

Reward: Money
Reach: 61 068
Likes: 19 175

ACME Film “Annabelle Comes Home”

Goal: Raise the awareness and generate word of mouth of the new movie called “Annabelle Comes Home”

Reward: money
Posts: 12
Reach: 46 846
Likes: 11 654
CPE: 0,06€

Sutu Bamboo Straws

Goal: Raise awareness of the Sutu brand
and its bamboo straws

Reward: product (box of straws)
Posts: 95
Reach: 260 307
Likes: 38 338
CPE: 0,02€

Lumene product launch

Goal: Get visibility and support the launch of Lumene’s new products.

Reward: products
Reach: 172 249
Likes: 21 890
Saves: 3050

Halva’s Kingis Product Launch

Goal: Engage influencers to get additional visibility for Halva’s new product launch

Reward: Product (box of candies)
Posts: 99
Reach: 389 845
Likes: 28 826
CPE: 0,02€