Top 11 Berlin bloggers with their Instagram and TikTok accounts

In this article, we have put together a full guide on finding blogs and bloggers in Berlin, the German capital. We’ve listed the best blogs about Berlin, the top 11 local bloggers with the biggest audience, and guidelines on how to find more of them. Here it is! ??

1. Popular blogs about Berlin
2. The biggest bloggers in Berlin
3. How to find bloggers in Berlin?

1. Popular blogs about Berlin

As Berlin is such a fascinating city, there are several blogs and Instagram accounts dedicated to that city, its fascinating history, sights, and current events. Here are some of our favorite ones!

Awesome Berlin

Awesome Berlin is a beloved blog with a mission of sharing their favorite things about the city. The blog has an impressive 60,000 monthly visitors and quite an active social media – including an informative and visually pleasing Instagram page @awesomeberlin.

We discover the best foods to eat, the coolest bars, places to visit and fantastic parties, events and festivals. Then we share them with you!

Berlin Food Stories

Berlin Food Stories is Berlin’s most famous restaurant blog where Per Meurling shares his favorite eateries. If you’re trying to find places to eat in Berlin, that’s the best blog for you!

Awesome Berlin – bloggers in Berlin, Berlin blogs


iHeartBerlin is a Berlin culture blog: it’s all about Berlin (night)life, restaurants, cafés, and upcoming events. If you’re visiting Berlin or you’d like to Discover Berlin, you should check out their guides!

iheartberlin – Berlin blogs

2. Top 11 biggest bloggers and influencers in Berlin

The blogging culture in Germany is quite popular – and by the way, most of the blogs are focused on cooking and recipes. Though, there are also bloggers talking about travel tips, mental health, paintings, and other topics. Here are the best Berlin blogs, ordered by Instagram following!

#1 Patrick Biedenkapp – @pilotpatrick

Patrick blogs about his pilot life and a healthy lifestyle. Besides many travel tips, you will find posts about aviation, piloting, and his journeys around the world. He also creates content on TikTok: @pilotpatrick.


#2 Hannah Müller-Hillebrand –

Hannah describes herself as a yoga teacher, artist, and feminist. Her Instagram @namastehannah is focused on feminism and the blog gathers her paintings – and she also creates content on TikTok @namastehannah.


#3 Isa & Julia – @zuckerjagdwurst

Isa and Julia are friends from Berlin who have a vegan food blog. They also have a podcast Zucker&Jagdwurst (that’s only available in Germany) and TikTok account @zuckerjagdwurst.


#4 Mone – @machsschoen

Mone is a creative DIY blogger whose blog covers topics like home inspiration, upcycling, DIY projects, and cooking recipes. And we just have to mention: everything is in such pretty pastel colors!

#5 Pauline Bossdorf – @livingthehealthychoice

Pauline is a food lover and photographer from Berlin. Her recipes are simple, vegetarian-friendly made with plant-based and natural ingredients only. She has even published her own cookbook!


#6 Frankie – @frankiemiles on YouTube, @_frankiemiles on Instagram

The only Berlin YouTuber on the list! She talks about lifestyle, interior, travel, and fashion. Here’s her most watched YouTube video ??

#7 Kathrin –

Kathrin blogs mostly about baking anything sweet like cakes and pastries: “Hier gibt es die besten Back-Rezepte für Kuchen, Kekse, Brot und Co – mit vielen Tipps und Tricks”. She also has her own app!

#8 Anja – @byanjushka

Anja is a Berlin blogger who writes about easy vegan recipes, mental health, her way out of the eating disorder, and her passion for writing a diary about the small and big challenges in her everyday life. Additionally, she is running her podcast Atempause.

#9 @baby_angebot_bloggerin_

Her blog is her Instagram account where she shares great shopping deals for moms, DIY projects, product recommendations, her adventures with her cute baby, and a lot more.


#10 Yvonne – @experimenteausmeinerkueche

Yvonne has been blogging about everything she likes to eat since 2013 on experiments from her kitchen. In addition to everyday recipes, you will also find stories about her trips around the world.


#11 Ronja Pfuhl – @miss_gruenkern

Ronja is a food photographer who also shares her own recipes on the blog. From breakfast to drinks, pizza, pasta, sweet cakes, and tarts – you will find a suitable recipe for every occasion from her blog or TikTok @miss_gruenkern.

? Your guide to finding bloggers from Berlin

There are three ways for finding German influencers: from Google, manually from social media, or using an influencer marketing platform. Let’s go through each of these!

1. Finding Berlin blogs on Google

The simplest way to find bloggers is to search on Google – you probably have already tried it! The more specific you are with your keywords, the more accurate bloggers you will find. You can search for keywords like “Berlin mom blogger”, “Berlin fitness blogger”, or “Berlin fashion blog” – be creative!

2. Finding Berlin bloggers on Instagram and TikTok

On social media, you can find potential creators by searching by hashtags: make sure to check relevant hashtags both in English and German. Here are some hashtag ideas that you could check when trying to find bloggers from Berlin.

▸ #berlinblogger, #bloggerberlin, #berlinerblogger, or #berlininfluencer
▸ hashtags containing cities – such as #berlin
▸ name of the country, such as #germany and #deutschland
▸ #ad, #advertisement or the same in German – #werbun or #reklame

You can also search by location. For example, you can check Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Television Tower, Humboldt Forum, Gendarmenmarkt, Kurfürstendamm, Charlottenburg Palace, Museum Island, The Berlin Wall Memorial, and Potsdamer Platz. After that, you can search for bars, cafeterias, restaurants, and other places influencers enjoy going to! 

Finally, once you’ve found an Instagram creator that you’d like to work with, you can check profiles that are similar to theirs. For that, click on the little ? button next to the “Message” button on their profile when on mobile or the little arrow button next to “Follow” when on desktop. This way, you will see more influencers you might want to work with!


Accounts similar to @zuckerjagdwurst

3. Using influencer search tool to find Berlin blogs

As finding bloggers manually on Google, Instagram or TikTok is extremely time-consuming, we recommend using an influencer search tool.

Promoty is one of them. It’s an influencer search tool that makes finding influencers a lot easier: we have a global database of Instagram and TikTok influencers that you can filter by influencers’ location, their audience location, age and gender; interests, brand affinity, and other criteria.

If you’re searching for Berlin-based bloggers, you can use the Location and Keywords in bio filters to find bloggers who are located in Berlin or who have mentioned Berlin in their bio. Additionally, you can narrow your search by the influencer’s followers, age, interests, and other criteria.

If you’re searching for bloggers with an audience based in Berlin, you can set filters for the influencers’ audience. This way, you’ll find collaboration partners whose following matches your target group!

Additionally, you can narrow your search by the influencer’s followers, age, interests, and other criteria. For example, if you’re looking for Berlin blogs talking about food, fashion, or history, just type it in the Keyword in bio filter.

If your brand’s target audience is 25-34 yo women, set the Audience filters accordingly. That helps you to find exactly the right influencers (or the best Berlin blogs) for your brand ?

Biggest Berlin Bloggers by Instagram following

For every Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencer, you can also see their engagement rate, average likes, audience demographics (age, location, gender), brand affinity, most-used hashtags, followers’ credibility, previous sponsored posts, followers’ growth over time, similar profiles, and much more.

Here’s what the Instagram account report looks like! ??

berlin blogger namastehannah instagram insights

Instagram insights of @namastehannah

To sum it up: the best ways to find Berlin-based bloggers  ?

To sum it up: Berlin is an amazing city with rich blogging culture and outstanding social media creators. You can try searching for influencers manually on – but using influencer search tools will probably you will save hundreds of hours of work ??  Create a free account to try it out!

Get detailed profile analytics for every influencer.

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