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A quick and convenient way to find
influencers who already love your brand.

How it

Brand creates a campaign

Brand sets up their campaign, describing their goal and expectations for the content and influencer.
Creating a campaign is free and takes just a few minutes.

Influencers apply for the campaign

Influencers browse campaigns and apply to the ones they feel most suitable for.

Brand selects the influencers

Based on the influencer’s feed, Instagram statistics,
followers demographics and submitted application, brand can choose the perfect influencers.

Influencers upload the content

Influencers upload their content on Promoty for the
brand’s approval. Brand may reject or give feedback
on the content. Once approved, the influencer creates the Instagram post.

Track campaign statistics

The brand sees all the campaign statistics on Promoty both
for the entire campaign as well as all the individual posts.

What other
marketers say

“We were looking for fans of Taffel fans with different looks and in different ages who, with their genuine work, would tell the story of the Taffel brand.


Finding such a target audience for your own product descriptions requires resources, which is why Promoty provided a valuable tool for finding suitable influencers.


We gave the influencers a lot of freedom with creating the visuals. Everyone was allowed to choose their favorite product – that was something that gave the images a genuine feel.


Our goal was to get 10 images – but in the end, we bought 27 vibrant images. In general, we got a lot more than we dared to hope for.”

Wilma Inkinen LM Someco  influencer marketing experience with Promoty 

Wilma Inkinen
LM Someco


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