SEO & Content Marketing Intern

Hi, future content marketing intern at Promoty! 👋🏼🤍

Promoty is an influencer relationship management platform that allows brands and agencies to easily manage all their influencers in one place. Our mission is to create meaningful collaborations – we believe that the best collaborations are born when a brand finds influencers who are already its fans.

Now we’re looking for an blog and content marketing intern to join our team.

What will you be doing?

• Write high-quality articles about influencer marketing;
• Write guest posts to other marketing blogs and news sites;
• Make our website and articles more visible on Google;
• Run collaboration projects with other blogs.

You should be interested if you..

• 💜 influencer marketing and writing;
• want to learn more about influencer marketing and SEO;
• want to learn about SEO and writing high-quality articles;
• have very very good English;
• have at least 10h per week for Promoty;

Bonus points for…

• Knowing the basics of SEO;
• Previous experience with blogging, PR, or influencer marketing;
• Knowing Estonian, German, Spanish, or any other language;

What are we offering?

• SEO skills that you can use for a lifetime;
• In-depth knowledge of influencer marketing;
• New knowledge and more experience in corporate blogging, SEO, distributing
and reusing content (we promise to teach you everything we have learned so far);
• Flexible working hours;
• Warm recommendations to future employers if you are good.

The internship is not paid.

Before joining Promoty as a Content Marketer, I worked as a marketing intern for 4 months. I learned how important self-discipline is when it comes to flexible working hours; why producing content strategically on social media is important, what SEO is, and how to make it work for the company.


I recommend joining Promoty just to experience what working in a start-up feels like and how important it is to work with an awesome and inspiring team!

Kadi Pirn

How to apply?

Write us via [email protected] with a short cover letter that includes:

• Why would you like to join Promoty;
• What would you like to learn;
• Your CV or Linkedin profile;
• Articles you’ve previously written (if you have any);

If you have any questions about the internship, you can use the same email. Talk to you soon! 👋🏼

join us – team Promoty in 2022

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