Influencer- generated content for your brand

Work with creators to get eye-catching photos and videos for your brand’s social media channels.

This is how
it works

1. Set up a campaign

Set up a campaign on Promoty, describing your expectations for the visual content. It only takes a few minutes!

2. Select the creators

Content creators can browse through campaigns and apply to the ones they like. The final decision will be done by you – accept only the applicants you’d like to work with.

3. Purchase the social media visuals

Content creators upload the content on Promoty for pre-approval. You can purchase the visuals or give feedback on what needs to be changed.

Engaging social media visuals

Real pictures of real people seem more authentic than professional content created by the marketing department.

Save time and money

Buying visuals from creators is significantly faster, and cheaper than organizing a photo session yourself.

Work with talented creators

Find highly talented photographers, micro-influencers, and content creators from the Baltics and Finland.

Follow the steps
of brands like




example of content only campaigns Taffel

Here’s what other
marketers say

“We were looking for fans of Taffel fans with different looks and in different ages who, with their genuine work, would tell the story of the Taffel brand.


Finding such a target audience for your own product descriptions requires resources, which is why Promoty provided a valuable tool for finding suitable influencers.


We gave the influencers a lot of freedom with creating the visuals. Everyone was allowed to choose their favorite product – that was something that gave the images a genuine feel.


Our goal was to get 10 photos – but in the end, we bought 27 vibrant photos. In general, we got a lot more than we dared to hope for!”

Wilma Inkinen LM Someco  influencer marketing experience with Promoty

Wilma Inkinen
LM Someco