growth program
for e-commerce brands

A unique growth program to grow and scale your e-commerce revenue with influencer marketing šŸ“ˆ

ā†’Ā for Shopify and Woocommerce businesses


influener marketing growth program for e-commerce

This is how it works

ā†’ 1. Apply for the program

Let us know about your products, customers and business goals. After the application period, we’ll have a meeting with you to see if we could have an impact.

ā†’ 2. We’ll grow your e-commerce sales

Together with you, we analyze your business and create a strategy for driving sales with influencers.

Then, we’ll execute the strategy and measure it in detail. Based on your target audience, we’ll find influencers with the best audience match; track sales from those collaborations and give you regular updates.

This way, we can optimize your influencer marketing strategy, and maximize your revenue and ROI.

ā†’ 3. No hidden fees

We only charge a commission fee when we manage to generate additional revenue for you ā€“ and so do the influencers. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.

We only take a commission fee when we generate revenue ā€“ and so do influencers.

ā†’ Here’s the catch:

We only work with a few selected brands we truly believe we can have an impact on.

You’ll qualify if..

ā€¢Ā  your brand is D2C;
ā€¢Ā  your store runs on Shopify or Woocommerce;
ā€¢Ā  your target group is using Instagram;
ā€¢Ā  you already have customers and an established a presence on social media;
ā€¢Ā  you have a small influencer payout budget to kick off with;
ā€¢Ā  you want to conquer the world šŸ“ˆ

Apply for the program:

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About us

Promoty Marketing OƜ is a full-service influencer marketing technology company, established in 2017. Since then, we’ve run over 4000 influencer marketing campaigns across Scandinavia and the Baltics ā€“ with brands like Lumene, Circle K, Maltesers, Swedbank, MyLook, and many others.

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