A step-by-step guide to how Promoty works

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in our shopping behavior: 70-80% of people look for additional information on social media before making a purchase decision, and 92% trust recommendations more than traditional advertising. That’s why we created Promoty.

In short, this is how the platform works:

•  The brand creates a campaign
•  Influencers apply to the campaign
•  The brand selects their favorite influencers
•  Influencers upload their content to Promoty
•  The brand reviews the content
•  Once the content is approved, influencers can post it to social media
•  The brand will see the full campaign statistics on Promoty

It’s still a little confusing, right? Let’s take a closer look at how Promoty works!

1. Creating a brand
2. Creating a campaign
3. Selecting the influencers
4. Reviewing the content

1. Creating a brand


The first step is creating an account and filling in the brand details: name, website, profile photo and a short description.

You can do it here.

2. Creating a campaign


Click the blue “Create first campaign” button to set up your first campaign.


Under the “General” view, you can:

Name your campaign – this is one of the first things that the content creator notices so make sure to make it catchy;

Describe your campaign – an overview of the brand, the goal of your campaign and why influencers should work with you;

Set hashtags for your campaign – these are the hashtags that the influencer will have to mention in their post. The less the better! Hashtag #ad will be added automatically as the labeling of advertising on social media is mandatory.


Under “Guidelines“, you can:

• Add the campaign requirements: describe what kind of content creators you are looking for;

• Set the DO’s and DON’TS that explain to the applicants what you expect from them.

PS! We recommend using symbols like  or in front of each point under the DO’s and DONT’s – this way it will be easier to keep on track of the important points!


Under “Duration“, you can set the dates for the campaign.

PS! If you want your collaboration(s) to be long-term, we suggest setting the End Date to “optional” – this way influencers can upload their content regularly and the campaign will be running until you end it manually.

You can do so if you don’t choose a date or if you chose it already, just click on the box and delete the date manually, then you’ll see that “optional” appears.

If you set the Applications Close Date to a specific day, but leave the End Date “optional”, new influencerss won’t be able to apply after that chosen date, but the campaign will be visible to those who had already applied / been approved.


Under “Content, you have to:

• Choose whether you are expecting one-off or monthly content from the influencers (both explained below);

• Set how many days earlier the influencer should upload their content for pre-approval. Keep in mind that the content might need some touch-ups before your final approval so make sure that influencers will have enough time to do that. We recommend setting it at least 3-5 days before the official end of the campaign;

• Set how many days should the content be online.

Here you can also describe your expectations for the content in more detail.


The “Payments” tab lets you choose whether you are going to reward the content creators with money, products or with both.

• If you choose rewarding with products, you can add the product’s name, a link to the product, description and value. If you add more than one product, the applicants can choose one of them. Please note that the influencer won’t see the value of the product – so if you want them to know it, you can add it in the product name (for example: “100$ gift card”).

PS! When rewarding influencers with products only, a commission fee of 10 $ + VAT will be added for each posted content.

• If you choose rewarding with money, you won’t be able to set the price since all influencers charge differently – therefore they will be the ones who set the price for their content.

PS! The price you’ll see on each application consists of the influencer’s fee request and a commission of 20% for Promoty which means that no additional fees apply.


Under “Targeting“, you can set what kind of influencers you want to find: how many followers they should have, where their audience should be based, the influencer’s gender, age, etc.

Only influencers who meet all the specified criteria are going to see your campaign. We recommend not setting the criteria too narrow – this way, you might accidentally exclude influencers who are your biggest fans!


The last step is to overview if everything you have set looks correct. Make sure to also check the phone view!

If everything’s correct, click “Start Campaign“.


Once you have submitted your campaign, our team will review it, and then it goes live!

You can see all your campaigns and their statuses under the “Campaigns” tab:

• If the campaign hasn’t started or hasn’t been approved yet, it will appear under “Drafts

• Once it has been approved, you will get an email notification and the campaign will be shown under “Running Campaigns” (PS! it won’t be visible to influencers before the date you set for Start Date under “Duration”).

3. Starting with your collaborations

3.1. Select the influencers you’d like to work with

You can see your campaign applicants when you go to Campaigns > under Running Campaigns, click on a specific campaign > Applications.

There you can see all the influencers who have applied for your campaign: you can see their creative idea, Instagram statistics, and the price they ask for a post. If you click on their profile picture, you’ll see their Instagram feed and a more detailed view of their audience demographics. Once you have decided whether you want to work with them or not, you can accept or refuse the applicant.

PS! If you want to negotiate the price asked by an influencer, make sure to do that before accepting the influencer to the campaign! You can use the Chat for that.

If it’s a product campaign, the next step is sending out the products. In general, it’d be good to deliver it as fast as possible after approving the influencer! Under “Shipping“, you can find influencers’ shipping addresses, contact information, and the products they chose.

3.2. Approving submitted content

Under “Review” tab, you can see the submitted content that’s divided into two:

Content to be reviewed – content that you have to approve or reject by requesting changes

Clicking “Request changes” means the influencer will see the rejection reason, make changes accordingly and resubmit the content.

Approved content – content that you have approved and is ready to be posted online.

You can see the full image by clicking on the photo.

PS! When you click “Approve”, you won’t be charged until the influencer posts the content online. Once they post it on their social media, the fee will be added to the brand’s monthly invoice that you’ll receive at the end of the month.

The brand does not have the obligation to purchase any of the submitted content – if the content created does not meet the campaign’s brief or brand’s expectations for quality, the brand may reject the post or ask for changes.

To protect the influencer’s content, all posts have a Promoty watermark on them. When the brand buys a post, they can download the photo in full size without the watermark.  Purchased content social media rights belong to the brand which means the brand can use it on all of their social media channels.

The content that’s uploaded online appears under “Content“. There you can also see the statistics for each post: likes, comments, reach, impressions, saves and engagement rate.

3.3. Keeping track of your campaign statistics

On Promoty, you can easily see how your campaign is doing: the number of impressions, reach, likes, comments, saves and engagement rate for each post as well as for the whole campaign.

Sounds promising? Let’s get started then!

Promoty makes it possible to find the right influencers among our 10 000+ signed up influencers from all around Europe.

Get in touch with us to receive a quote or more information!  👇🏼

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