How to write an influencer campaign brief that works

A successful influencer campaign starts with a well-written influencer campaign brief. To make it easier for you, we have listed some aspects that should definitely be included in the campaign brief!

What is an influencer campaign brief?

In short, it’s a document that describes the brand’s expectations for the influencer, collaboration terms, deadlines, and other necessary information about the collaboration.

How long is a good influencer brief?

As long as it needs to be – yet as short as possible. Of course, you need to include all the necessary information. However, if you add too much information, it might be difficult for the influencer to understand what’s important. Sometimes, influencers just don’t bother reading long campaign briefs! 

Influencer campaign brief checklist

◻️ A catchy title
◻️ Background information
◻️ The goal of the campaign
◻️ Who are you looking for
◻️ DOs & DON’Ts

◻️  A catchy title

Your campaign’s title together with the brand’s name and logo is the first thing to catch influencers’ attention. Thus, the title should be distinctive and eye-catching. For the less known brands, it’d be good to include a hint on what the campaign is about. Why not use some emojis, too! 🍒

Some good examples:

Let’s add some spice to social media! 🌶
Maybelline’s new product line giveaway
Share your love for organic 🕊

Some bad examples:

Promote our products on Instagram
Looking for influencers
Organic products that are produced since…

◻️  Background information

To start with, briefly introduce the brand, product, or service – especially if you’re looking for creators who haven’t tried your (new) product before! However, make sure to highlight only the important information, instead of adding all the product information in the brief.

When we did a survey among our influencers, it turned out that common values are one of the most important factors when choosing brands to collaborate with. Therefore, try to share your brand story and values in the brief – this is something that will help you to attract the right influencers.

◻️  The goal of the campaign

The goal of the campaign should definitely be included in the influencer brief. That helps influencers to understand how to write the post caption and that should be the call to action. For example, when the goal of the campaign is raising brand awareness, influencers might want to throw giveaways to make the post reach a wide audience. When the goal is to drive traffic to the online store, influencers can share the link in the stories and encourage their followers to go shopping.

Additionally, defining the goal makes it easier to measure influencer marketing results afterward. If you know what you’re optimizing for, you’ll know what to measure!

◻️  Who are you looking for

The good old marketing truth: try to be as specific about your audience as possible. If you’re trying to attract all the influencers, you won’t attract many good ones.

For example, you can say something like “we’re looking for influencers who love sweets but want to eat healthily” or “we’re looking for mom bloggers with 3-5 yo kids” – this way, the right influencers will recognize themselves and feel like the campaign is meant for them.

One clever trick is mentioning what the creators should write when applying for your campaign on Promoty – such as sharing their story with your products, why do they want to work with the brand, or what kind of post they are planning. That will provide more meaningful applications and make choosing the right influencers way easier.

◻️  DO’s & DON’Ts

This section provides more detailed instructions on both the visual and the caption. 

The brand could describe in what context the product should be in the photo; whether the creator should be in the photo; in what kind of tones the picture should be and so on. If it is important for your brand to emphasize a particular quality (environmental friendliness, origin, etc.), you should highlight that, too.

It is also the place to address potential risks. For example, if it’s a more conservative brand, it should be said that the visuals must not contain any naked body parts. It would also be a good idea to mention obvious things that might not be so obvious to the influencer – such as not cooperating with competing brands over a period of time.

Things you can include under DOs:

Show yourself in the photo
Show how you use the product
Use the neutral color scheme

Things you can include under DON’Ts:

Don’t show too much naked body
Don’t collaborate with competing brands
Don’t share anything before the 24th July

Influencer campaign brief example

As we can’t share the real campaign briefs from the real brands, we wrote a campaign brief for an imaginary kids’ apparel brand. Here’s what a short and sweet influencer campaign brief looks like!

A campaign brief of a kids' apparel brand

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