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Here’s how
to use it

→ 1. Reach out to influencers

Just add the influencer’s email and start chatting! If they have the Promoty app, they can use the app to chat with you.

If they don’t, your messages go to their email inbox. Once they reply, you can see their answer in your chat on Promoty.

→ 2. Negotiate the collaboration deals

Agree on the number of content, price, and deadlines.

→ 3. Confirm the content before posting

If you’d like to review the collaboration content before it goes live, chat is the easiest way to do it.

→ 4. Sign the contracts

Share the file with them, receive the signed contract, and send the signed contract back. After that, you can attach it to the influencer’s profile in the influencer CRM.

→ 5.  Manage your influencer relationships

Our influencer management tool is designed for building strong long-term influencer partnerships. Organize your influencers by boards and columns and add notes and labels to every creator.

Replace endless emails and DMs with a modern in-app chat.

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