→  The only influencer management tool you’ll ever need

Manage all your influencers, collaborations, and branded content in one place.


It’s like Trello for influencer marketing.

→  Add influencers by their username

→  Add notes, reminders, and labels for each influencer – not only practical ones like contact and shipping details, but also their preferences, birthdays, pets, and other meaningful details.

→  Export the contact and shipping information with one click

Influencer management tool – influencer CRM

Instead of exchanging endless emails, discuss details via in-app chat on Promoty.

Influencer management tool – influencer CRM

Get detailed insights
for their Instagram and TikTok profiles.

→  Influencer’s reach, and engagement metrics;

→  Audience by location, age, and gender;

→  Followers’ and likers’ credibility, interests;,and brand affinity;

…and many more.

Influencer management tool – influencer CRM

Keep track of all the collaboration content

→  Add hashtags you’d like to track;

→  See all the Instagram and TikTok collaboration content posted by the influencers on the board;

→  See total reach, likes, comments, clicks, and engagement rate, for every branded hashtag.

Influencer management tool – influencer CRM

Create multiple boards
to manage several brands, events or campaigns.

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