Summer influencer marketing campaigns: Case Sephora

One of the peak seasons in influencer marketing is between May and June. So, it’s time to bring in those summer sales and set up your campaigns. This is your opportunity to launch summer-themed influencer marketing campaigns that capture the season’s vibrant spirit.

We have listed different summer campaigns from Sephora to inspire you.

Enjoy and get inspired!


When it comes to influencer marketing, Sephora is definitely leading the pack in the beauty industry. The cosmetics retailer has mastered the art of leveraging influencers to create buzz and drive sales, especially for their summer product launches. Let’s take a look at some of their standout summer influencer campaigns 👇🏼:


Sephora’s “Summer on Wheels” Campaign

For their “Summer on Wheels” campaign, Sephora took their summer offerings directly to top influencers’ doorsteps. A mobile tour visited over 25 mega influencers and 6 major media outlets across multiple cities.


  • Sephora launched a mobile “Summer on Wheels” tour visiting over 25 mega influencers and 6 top media outlets across multiple cities.
  • The tour brought Sephora’s summer product range and beauty services directly to influencers’ homes/locations.
  • This allowed influencers to experience and create content showcasing Sephora’s new summer makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products.
  •  Sephora amplified the campaign even further through radio ads on popular stations.

Influencer marketing campaign with nano-Influencers

While major influencers are impactful, Sephora also recognizes the value of partnering with nano-influencers who have under 10K followers. The brand has identified and collaborated with several nano-influencers for their summer campaigns.

One example they cited was discovering a nano-influencer for an initial summer partnership. After the successful collaboration, this nano-influencer called Geena George gained recognition from other brands and even did more projects with Sephora. It just goes to show the potential of tapping into niche, highly-engaged communities.


  • Sephora identified and worked with nano-influencers (under 10K followers) for their summer campaigns.
  • One example cited is a nano-influencer they discovered and partnered with initially for a summer campaign.
  • After the successful collaboration, this nano-influencer was recognized by other brands and even did more projects with Sephora subsequently.
  • This highlights Sephora’s strategy of tapping into niche, highly-engaged nano-influencer communities.

Sephora is helping Influencer-founded brands

Sephora doesn’t just work with influencers for marketing – they also support influencer entrepreneurship. A prime example is the launch of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask in 2018, created by influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland.

With their combined 850K Instagram following, the influencer duo was able to drive their debut product to become the #2 best-selling face mask at Sephora within just a week of launching. It’s a win-win for both the brand and the influencer entrepreneurs.

From creative activations to strategic influencer tiers and backing influencer-led brands, Sephora is showcasing innovative influencer marketing strategies perfectly timed for their summer beauty launches. They are definitely giving other brands a masterclass on how to win with influencers.


The one that started it all back in 2016, Jet Lag Mask 💙 @marianna_hewitt + @lauren___ireland chat about their favorite Summer Fridays memories - including the final formula of Jet lag Mask so many years ago. When did you start using Jet Lag Mask? ✨

♬ original sound - Summer Fridays


Sephora’s approach include leveraging nano and mega influencers, bringing product experiences directly to influencers, amplifying through other channels like radio, and supporting influencer-founded brands that resonate with their audiences during major launches like new summer product ranges.

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