Influencer marketing internship in Promoty

Hi, future influencer marketing intern of Promoty! 👋🏼🤍

Promoty is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers who love them. Our mission is to create meaningful collaborations – we believe that the best collaboration posts are born when a brand finds influencers who are already their fans.

By now, we’ve run over 4000 influencer marketing campaigns, over 14 000 influencers and 3000 marketers from 8 countries have joined the platform. To accelerate our speed even more, we’re looking for an influencer marketing intern to join our team!

What will you be doing?

• Helping our campaigns team with running influencer marketing campaigns;
• Helping brands to find the right influencers and invite them to the campaigns;
• Helping with campaign reminders and customer support;
• Educating and strengthening our community of influencers;
• Creating influencers-targeted content for Instagram, focusing on reels and stories;
…and all the other projects you’d like to work on!

You should be interested if you..

• 💜 social media and influencer marketing;
• have previous knowledge about influencer collaborations;
• are curious about social media marketing and would like to tap into new mediums
before they become mainstream;
• speak good English;
• are independent, can set your goals and achieve them:
• have at least 10h per week for Promoty;

What are we offering?

• In-depth knowledge about Instagram marketing on an international level;
• An experience of  working on 8 markets in parallel, together with our Country Managers;
• An experience of building our influencers’ community in a new market… or five;
• A young, ambitious, and supportive team;
• Flexible working hours;
• Internship credits for your university if you need them;
• Warm recommendations to future employers if you are good.

The internship is not paid.

I remember that when I first joined Promoty, I immediately knew these are the people with whom I want (and can) do great things! Of course, there is a lot of work to do – but as a bonus, you’ll also get exciting conversations, wonderful people, crazy team events, and lots of laughter.


What fascinates me about working at Promoty the most is that nothing is the same as it was two weeks ago. Promoty is constantly growing and our people are, too.


Anni Rahula
Head of Campaign Success
at Promoty


How to apply?

Write us a short email describing your previous experience and your ideas about what would you do to level up Promoty’s social media channels! Attach your CV or Linkedin URL and send it to us via [email protected].

team Promoty – Instagram influencer marketing platform

About us

Promoty was founded in 2017 in Estonia. By now, we’ve run over 4000 influencer marketing campaigns, have over 14 000 influencers and 3000 marketers from 8 countries joined the platform.

We strongly believe that the best collaborations are born when the brand finds influencers who are already their fans. Therefore, our mission is to become the global market leader in providing valuable, meaningful, and authentic relationships between marketers and influencers.