9 reasons to prefer influencer marketing software over standard marketing tools

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s highly competitive marketing scene. 93% of marketers have worked with an influencer, and many have continued to do so over the years.

Working with influencers has its benefits. It provides excellent results for companies and brands with little effort. But sometimes, managing influencers can become a daunting task. That’s when marketers, business owners, and agency owners should start using influencer marketing software!

What does influencer marketing software do?

So what can an influencer marketing platform or software do for a marketer or business manager? Here are three of the essential functions of an influencer marketing tool.

Find Influencers

Influencer marketing software is a great tool to help you find influencers. It’s estimated that there are some 32 million influencers on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. With all the options out there, the first problem marketers often run into is finding the right one.

An influencer search tool will help you find the best influencers to work with. You can search for influencers based on category, brand congruence, follower size, etc. With a tool to help you do all this, you could save a lot of time, energy, and resources in the process.

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Manage influencers

Finding influencers is just the beginning. You’ll then have to reach out to them and manage them when they’re onboarded. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have one or two influencers in your network. But what happens when you have ten, a few dozen, or even hundreds of influencers?

Managing social media and online influencers should become much easier when you have the right tools in your arsenal. An influencer management software will give you funnels, dashboards, and databases to make managing influencers a more bearable task.

Manage Influencer Campaigns

On top of managing influencers, you’ll also have to manage and monitor their campaigns. While most of the work done to run campaigns happens on the influencer’s end, it’s good practice to still check their posts and content from time to time. That way, you can check if they’re producing the desired results and adhering to the message you want your brand to be associated with online.

Managing influencer campaigns is a task that can exponentially grow as you increase your influencer network. You could be checking dozens if not hundreds of posts every week. With influencer marketing software, you can consolidate posts by your influencers in one channel and make it easier to scan through their content and manage them accordingly.

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7 reasons to use influencer marketing software

Accessing the best influencer marketing software could answer many of your marketing woes. It helps you stay on top of influencer marketing efforts and provides many benefits. Here are seven benefits that should convince you to invest in marketing software today.

1) Lessen research time

With an influencer marketing tool, the goal is always to save time on tasks you would do manually without a solution. Companies have been seeing the value of micro-influencers over the past few years. However, finding them isn’t always as easy. That’s where having a tool that helps with influencer research really comes in handy. 

An influencer management tool will help you scour social media platforms and websites to find the influencers that bring in traffic your business could benefit from. And it’s not just the quantity that you want to look at. You want to study the quality, too, and see that the traffic these influencers are bringing in could actually translate into customers for your business. 

2) Manage influencer outreach better

Once you’ve found influencers you want to work with, the real work is in reaching out to them too. At any given point, a marketing manager might reach out to twenty to even a hundred influencers. Imagine what your inbox will look like without a tool to consolidate. Influencer marketing software has a pipeline dashboard to help you better manage the influencers you reach out to.

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If you’re reaching out to hundreds of influencers, you might need to gather the information that you could only get from them, such as their location, real names, banking details, and so on. In these instances, running a survey software to gather information should be a great solution. When you consider survey software to get more information on these influencers, you won’t have to encode answers manually. Here are some examples of survey software you can use in your influencer outreach.

3) Focus on the depth of relationships

Having the right tools in your marketing arsenal will help with influencer relationship management. You don’t want just to have a wide network of influencers. You want to focus on relationship depth too. 

With influencer marketing software, you get to do things like taking notes on influencers’ unique offerings, their special requests, and so on. With this capacity, you won’t miss out on important details and considerations when running campaigns and projects with your influencers. 

4) Keep all your conversations in one place

Negotiations with influencers mean endless emails and direct messages on different platforms – so if you want to find something specific you’ve talked about, it might be pretty difficult to find it.

That’s why it’d be smart to choose an influencer marketing tool with chat functionality. Not only will you have all the chats, negotiations, and agreements in one place – but you can also attach contracts, campaign briefs, and media kits to every influencer’s profile.  This way, you can stay organized, save time, and never lose important documents again.

5) Improve your teamwork

Having all the previous conversations and agreements with influencers in one place also makes your teamwork so much easier – there is no need to constantly brief your colleagues.

In Promoty, you can also add notes, labels, and documents to every influencer’s profile, and also use the “team comments” section to write comments that only your colleagues can see. Again, saves a lot of time!

6) Measure return on investment on influencer partnerships

At the end of the day, an influencer collaboration should provide results for a brand. There’s no point in keeping a relationship if it’s only making the company lose money or traction. So you want to have a tool that will allow you to track the return on investment on influencer partnerships.

Returns might look different for every company, influencer, or campaign. Your wins might look like more awareness, engagement, or even sales. Be clear about the key performance metrics of your partnerships and campaigns and track them in an influencer marketing tool. Doing that will help you assess your influencer relationships better and allow you to scale the ones that bring in results.

7) Keep track of influencers’ content

From time to time, you might also use influencer marketing platforms to monitor your influencers’ content. This allows you to check for brand congruence with your influence. It also helps you spot if influencers aren’t posting as often as agreed upon.

8) Streamline Influencer Campaigns

At some level, marketers should have some monitoring of influencers’ campaigns— even if it’s just for monitoring purposes. You can streamline your influencers’ campaign monitoring and assessing efforts with an influencer marketing tool.

If you’re looking to project manage these campaigns, you might also use a reliable project management tool. In that case, you might want to check out Wrike reviews and see if it’s a good tool for your company.

9) Increase your influencer marketing results

At the end of the day, you want to use an influencer marketing platform so that you can get more results from your influencer marketing efforts. Using a tool to streamline and manage that should empower you to get those results.

Having the right tools will help you to find and curate better influencer relationships, which will lead to more awareness, engagement, and sales over the short to mid-term. In that sense, influencer marketing software is an investment and not an expense.

Empower influencer marketing efforts

More companies will continue to maximize their influencer campaigns and efforts.

Studies show that 44% of B2C companies in Europe increased their influencer marketing budget in 2021. As more companies and brands dive into influencer marketing, the need to grow your efforts in this space will grow too. If you’re still managing your influencers in email and Excel sheets, you should be considering influencer marketing software over standard marketing tools.

Promoty is one of them: it’s an all-in-one influencer marketing tool that helps you to manage your influencers, collaborations, and content in one place, find new influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Here’s a short demo video on how it works!

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