What is the synonym for influencer?

Due to the rapid growth of Instagram influencer marketing and the amount of fraud in the industry, the word “influencer” has gained a negative reputation in some communities. Thus, many influencers do not like to be called influencers. What is the influencer synonym that should be used then?

Who is an influencer?

Generally, an influencer is considered to be a person who shares their life and opinions with their audience on social media. As they are often trendsetters or experts in a certain field, they often have influence in the eyes of their followers.

The best influencer synonym

In our humble opinion, the best synonym for influencer would be content creator or simply creator.

Most creators have become influencers because of their ability to create beautiful, inspiring, insightful, or motivational content. In a way, this is the core value of an influencer that should also be included in the definition of an influencer.

Influencer synonyms by channels

Often, influencers are also defined by the main channel where they are creating their content. People who write blogs are called bloggers (actually, even some Instagram influencers refer to their Instagram accounts as blogs and call themselves bloggers).

Influencers who create content on Instagram are called instagrammers. TikTok influencers may called tiktokkers. Creators who share videos on YouTube refer to themselves as youtubers. Those who run podcasts are named podcasters.

Of course, different influencer synonyms can be complemented with channels: for example, the synonym for Instagram influencer can be Instagram creator or Instagram blogger.

Other synonyms for influencer

Those influencers who have really earned the respect of their audience can be called opinion leaders.

In a way, opinion leader is the original form of influencer: it is someone whose opinions are heard, trusted, and respected. Nowadays, we often refer to industry experts who are writing opinion articles, whose opinions journalists ask for, and who are highly trusted in their circle, as opinion leaders.

Sometimes, influencers can also be called leaders, bellwethers, motivators, inspirers, trendsetters, fashionistas, or celebrities.

Local influencer synonyms

In some languages, there is a specific local synonym for “influencer”. For example, in Estonia (the country where Promoty was born in) a local influencer synonym is suunamudija which in direct translation, means path kneader – someone who is leading and shaping the way to others.

In several countries, the direct translation from the word influencer is used. For example, in Finnish, a widely-used synonym for influencer is vaikuttaja. In Estonian, it’s mõjuisik or mõjutaja.

What is the preferred influencer synonym by the influencers?

In fact, we did a survey among 174 Estonian influencers, asking them how would they like to be called. Here are the answers!

As expected, more than half (64%) of  influencers like to be called content creators. The second most popular choice is influencer, followed by the local words mõjuisik (a direct translation of influencer) and suunamudija.

Surprisingly, 6 respondents said that they are just regular people who share their everyday lives. One respondent said they’d like to be called an instagrammer and one respondent referred to themselves as someone who does brand collaborations.

What is it all to do with us?

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