Instagram Reels guide: get the most out of your influencer collabs

More and more brands are using the Instagram Reels format for influencer collaborations. For a reason: reels as a short and catchy video format that conveys information and creates emotions in a short time. Moreover, on average, reels have a 22% higher reach than posts and stories!

Case study: House of Brandon Instagram Reels campaign

One of Finland’s most popular fashion brands House of Brandon (@houseofbrandon_official), runs campaigns targeting the Finnish market on Promoty almost every month. They recently ran an influencer marketing campaign specifically focused on Instagram Reels video content – and because of the use of reels, the campaign gained significantly higher reach than usually!

Instagram Reels collaborations

House of Brandon
influencer case study

Reward: Money and product
Influencers: 9
Reach: 54,229
Likes: 3,561
Saves: 35
CPE: €0.44

* CPE – cost per engagement


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In total, the House of Brandon selected nine local influencers to the campaign and asked them to create a reel. The campaign reached more than 54,000 people.

For example, one reel together with a popular Finnish creator reached 4,460 people – while the previous collaboration from the same influencer (with another brand) reached 1,489 people.

Instagram Reels collaborations
Instagram Reels collaborations

However, the reach of the reel is difficult to estimate. For example, the best-performing reels on the Promoty’s Estonian account have reached over 19,700 peoople – while for some reels, the reach is only 1,400.

Instagram Reels reach

7 tips on how to increase the reach of your Instagram reels

🤍 # 1 Catch viewers’ attention right at the beginning

The length of time a video is watched is one of the main factors for the Instagram algorithm: the longer a video is viewed on average, the more people it will be shown to. That’s why it’s important to catch the viewer’s attention right at the beginning so that they will continue watching the clip!

Start your reels with a question, an engaging transition, or create excitement that will captivate viewers until the end of the video. Transitions are an easy way to keep the viewer interested throughout the video.

🤍 # 2 Follow Instagram Reels trends

In order to reach as many people as possible, you should definitely keep up with trends! If you’re aware of TikTok’s trends, you can somehow predict the upcoming Instagram reels trends – even if on reels, slightly different content tends to work better.

By the way, Instagram Reels and TikTok are places where it’s okay to copy others – this is how trends are born! However, if you use a trend or someone else’s idea, doing it from your own angle is a good way to show what your company is doing! For example, if the rising trend is “5 mistakes you make in life”, we at Promoty could make a “5 mistakes you make in influencer marketing” reel.

Music is another thing to keep in mind: catchy and trendy music makes your video more engaging and also helps it to reach more people.

Instagram has quite a wide range of music to choose from as the background for your video. If you choose a popular song, Instagram will show your video to a larger audience. The easiest way to find popular sounds and songs is on the Instagram Reels page: if you come across the same song over and over again while watching the reels, you can expect it to be trending.

P. S. If your song selection is very limited, you’ve probably switched your account to Business Account. Switch it to a Creator Account to access all songs.

P. P. S. Don’t forget that in paid collaborations, only royalty-free music is allowed.

🤍 # 3 Edit your Instagram Reels videos on Instagram

Instagram has previously confirmed giving higher reach to videos that have not been clearly modified in other apps. This means that creating content directly on Instagram can lead to better distribution.

If you create your video on TikTok and want to share the same content on Instagram, don’t forget to crop out the watermark on your video. Fortunately, there is a variety of applications and video tools to remove the watermarks!

🤍  # 4 Add text to your videos

Many people watch videos on the go, without the sound. Thus, videos without text are more likely to be skipped and that might reduce the reach of your video.

When adding the text to the video, be sure not to exceed the light blue outlines that appear when you add text – this way, you can be sure that your text is visible on most of the devices. 

We have previously listed tools for Instagram marketing – for example, InShot and CapCut are good apps for video editing.

🤍  # 5 Use eye-catching headlines

A good, catchy title gives the video a context that grabs the viewer’s attention and can increase the video-watching time. Also, adding relevant hashtags will help the Instagram algorithm understand the content of your video and distribute it to the right audience!

🤍 # 6 Share your Instagram Reels video content in your own stories and posts

When posting a reel, make sure to also post it to your feed – that helps to increase the reach significantly! If it doesn’t match the feed, you can hide the reel from your feed. This way, the reel will only stay visible in the reels tab on your profile.

After posting the reel, you can also share it to your stories to notify your followers about the new reel!

🤍 # 7 Add value by sharing educational and informative content

The secret to succeeding with Instagram Reels is to create authentic and distinctive content that shows the nature of your brand and creates value for your followers.

Determine for yourself whether the content you create is inspiring, educational, entertaining, or funny – this is what most people are seeking on Instagram! 

annirahula Instagram reels collaborations

What is it all to do with us?

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