Micro Influencer Case Study: Lumene

Earlier this spring of 2021, Lumene launched a new product line and worked with micro influencers to gain maximum visibility for the new products in different parts of Finland. The micro influencer campaign was conducted as a part of Lumene’s overall marketing strategy, therefore the launch was very successful. Here’s a case study of their campaign on Promoty!

Micro influencer anifrei x Lumene campaign picture on Promoty
Lumene's micro influencer campaign photo on Promoty

Target group: Finnish micro influencers

Lumene wanted to include as many Instagram micro influencers as possible in their campaign. The ideal influencers were people between the ages of 18-55 with different backgrounds and from different parts of Finland. The skincare products in the campaign attracted mainly female influencers who were particularly interested in beauty, but male influencers were also highly welcomed to join the campaign.

Lumene’s campaign results

More than 100 influencers from all over Finland applied to the campaign and 88 superfans of the brand were selected. Each influencer was asked to create a certain amount of content for the campaign: a regular feed post or a carousel post, as well as 2 stories where Lumene hoped the products would be the main focus.

A total of 264 posts were published on Instagram that gained a reach of 172 249 people. The posts were saved over 3050 times and received more than 21 890 likes. Out of the 88 influencers, the largest influencer had 28 086 followers and 4.05% follower engagement rate, while the smallest influencer had 983 followers and 31.70% engagement rate.

Each influencer was rewarded with a product package worth of 120€, so only our platform fee was added – 30€ per influencer (10€ for a post).

Lumene decided to have our Finnish Country Manager Miisa Hälinen handle their campaign which allowed Lumene to sit back and enjoy the results as well as see the great content and results after the campaign had ended.

Lumene’s new product line launch in Finland

Goal: include micro influencer to get maximum visibility for the launch.

Reward: a package of Lumene’s products (worth of 120€)
Posts: 264
Reach: 172 249
Likes: 21 890
Saves: 3050

The collaboration with Promoty was very smooth, agile and positive. Things are handled in a flash when taken care by an expert who clearly knows the field of influencers and their own platform excellently. For these reasons, doing the Lumene micro influencer campaign on Promoty was not only pleasant, but also very easy.


I especially recommend managing your campaigns through Promoty – it’s a smart service that saves the customer’s time. It’s also great to be able to track campaign statistics in real time.

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Saara Ritvos

PR and Communication Manager



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