Case studies of micro-influencer campaigns we’ve loved

During the last years, we’ve run over 5,000 influencer campaigns all over the Baltics, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands – mostly working with micro-influencers as they have higher engagement and stronger bonds with their followers. Here are some micro-influencer case studies that might inspire you!

Lumene – micro-influencer case study in Finland

In the spring of 2021, Lumene worked with local micro-influencers to support the launch of a new product line in Finland.

Influencers were asked to create a certain amount of content for the campaign: a regular feed post or a carousel post, as well as 2 stories where Lumene hoped the products would be the main focus. Each influencer was rewarded with a product package worth 120€.

Lumene's micro influencer campaign photo on Promoty

The campaign was extremely popular on Promoty: more than 100 influencers from all over Finland applied to the campaign. Eventually, 88 influencers were selected, all fans of the Lumene brand. Selected influencers were asked to share a feed post and 2 stories – 264 pieces of content in total! As a reward, they received a package full of Lumene products. Here are the campaign results:

?  Campaign reached 156 048 people
?  The posts received 21 551 likes
?  The posts were saved 3031 times

It means that over 3000 people are planning to return to the post – probably when they’ll go shopping! In addition to running the campaign on Promoty, Lumene used our help with influencer management: our Finnish Country Manager Miisa Hälinen worked hands-on with the campaign to get the best results out of it. Successfully, we’d say!

The collaboration with Promoty was very smooth, agile and positive. Things are handled in a flash when taken care by an expert who clearly knows the field of influencers and their own platform excellently. For these reasons, doing the Lumene micro influencer campaign on Promoty was not only pleasant, but also very easy.


I especially recommend managing your campaigns through Promoty – it’s a smart service that saves the customer’s time. It’s also great to be able to track campaign statistics in real time.

Saara Ritvos – Lumene

Saara Ritvos

PR and Communication Manager



Launching Maltesers in Estonia – an influencer campaign filled with surprises  ?

Together with Havas agency, we engaged micro-influencers to support the launch of Maltesers chocolate in Estonia.

With a twist: instead of boring PR packages, we sent influencers a box filled with chocolate and a red helium balloon that slid out when the box was opened. In order to convey the emotion better, influencers were asked to film a video of them opening the package and share their reaction in Stories.

The logistics of the campaign required quite some effort for coordination – due to warm weather at the time, we had to deliver the packages to all 35 creators in one day – but the results were so worth it!

The posts by 35 creators reached more than 130,000 people and collected nearly 13,000 likes. Moreover, the campaign stood out so strongly that there were even parody videos out made of it!

Maltesers x Kelly Saarepera (@kellysaarepera)

Paulig – working with influencers to get beautiful visuals

Creating visuals is one of the superpowers of influencers: as they create content daily, they know exactly which visuals work on Instagram. That’s why Paulig decided to work with micro-influencers: to get unique and eye-catching visuals for their own social media channels. Successfully!

Inspired by that kind of influencer collaborations, we created a Content-Only campaign type on Promoty. It’s a campaign type where influencers create branded photos and videos but do not share them on their social media. In addition to providing brands with trendy visuals, this campaign type also allows influencers to create beautiful content without sharing too much promotional content on their social media.

word of mouth online influencer marketing promoty
kirstivaikla x paulig campaign photo, word of mouth online influencer marketing promoty

Circle K – the superfan influencer marketing case study

The mission of Promoty is to create meaningful connections between brands and influencers. We believe that this is the secret sauce of influencer marketing: when a brand finds influencers who are their fans, authentic and effective collaboration posts are born.

This is exactly what Circle K has been doing: in their campaign briefs, they usually mention that they are looking for influencers who are fans of Circle K. As a result, they always get authentic collaboration posts with influencers telling how much they love coffee from Circle K!

Last summer, they ran an influencer campaign to draw attention to their iced coffees. In addition to feed posts, influencers showed the process of making iced coffee in their Stories.

Before posting, influencers upload their content to Promoty for pre-approval

Solaris – the most creative Black Friday campaign

One of the most creative Black Friday campaigns we’ve had is “Solaris is black” by a shopping centre Solaris in Tallinn, Estonia.

During the Black Friday weekend, restaurants in Solaris offered black food and stores brought out their black products – and of course, the campaign was supported with influencer marketing. In total, 13 posts reached 246 606 people, received 7392 likes and 150 comments with a cost per engagement of only 0,12€.

Due to the high competition, Black Friday is one of the most difficult times to stand out with marketing – and Solaris nailed it perfectly!

@lianakukava campaign photo from Black Friday influencer marketing campaign
@thisisemilyj a campaign photo from Black Friday influencer marketing campaign

Vallila Interior – working with influencers to get UGC

The Finnish home furnishing brand Vallila Interior used Promoty to expand their customer base. Being well-known in Finland, they took advantage of the internationality of Promoty and targeted influencers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

In order to introduce the new collection, they organized a giveaway in collaboration with influencers. To participate in the giveaway, people had to comment whether they had heard about Vallila before. Most of the participants hadn’t – but based on the good feedback that the posts received, it seems that the giveaways worked well to raise brand awareness!

Moreover, we just can’t get over the beautiful campaign photos! The brand’s representative also confirmed on social media that she would warmly recommend Promoty as an influencer marketing partner: “The visuals are really amazing!”

Linda Ling x Vallila campaign photo
a campaign photo from Vallila's influencer marketing case study

Halva – micro influencer case study

When launching a new product line, Finnish candy brand Halva worked with 99 local micro-influencers with a goal to maximize the brand’s visibility and get more followers for their Instagram page.

Halva’s influencer marketing case study is a great example of using influencer marketing for Instagram growth: similar to the previous campaign, each influencer got a selection of their favourite products to throw a giveaway. To participate, their followers had to follow both the influencer and the brand – therefore, both got new followers.

In total, the campaign reached 380 000+ people and the brand got 6852 new followers on Instagram – in a small market like Finland, those numbers are pretty impressive! The campaign budget was 1014€ which means that in total, Halva paid less than 0,15€ per each new follower!

Influencer marketing case study: Halva’s Kingis Product Launch

Strategy: Run giveaways with local micro-influencers to get additional visibility for Halva’s new product line
Posts: 99
Reach: 389 845
Likes: 28 826
CPE*: 0,02€
New followers: 6852


* CPE – cost per engagement

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