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Instagram influencer analytics tool – influencer insights – influencer credibility – Kylie Jenner
Instagram influencer analytics tool – influencer insights – influencer credibility – Kylie Jenner
Promoty CRM influencer management tool 700

F e a t u r e s :
?  Influencer CRM to manage influencers
?  Influencer Discovery to find new creators
?  Detailed insights for every influencer
?  In-app chat to message influencers
?  Content collaboration monitoring
?  Team collaboration tools

Our technology is used by 10,000 marketers worldwide.

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Find the right influencers and build meaningful relationships with them.


→  Global database of influencers

Search for influencers from our global database of over 150 million social media creators. 

Use the filters to search influencers by keywords, interests, audience demographics (age, location, gender), and other criteria.

TikTok influencer search engine by Promoty


→  Advanced influencer analytics

See their social metrics, audience demographics (age, location, gender), brand affinity, followers’ credibility, previous collabs, notable followers, etc.

That helps you to choose exactly the right influencers for your brand ?

TikTok influencer search engine by Promoty


→  Build strong influencer relationships

Keep all the communications in one place: contracts, contact information, birthdays, preferences, chats, and notes about previous collaborations.

This way, you can build strong relationships with your influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors ? 

Influencer analytics tool – screenshot of added influencer with comments


→  Save time on influencer marketing

Organize your (potential) influencers, add notes and labels, attach contracts, use the chat to negotiate details, and monitor branded content.

…this way, you can replace emails and spreadsheets with modern influencer management software.

influencer management tool  –build long term influencer relationships

Save time and get better results with influencer marketing.

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