Influencer marketing strategy for the Paris 2024 Olympics

With the world’s spotlight shining bright on the Paris 2024 Olympics, brands have a golden opportunity to reach and engage massive global audiences through social media and influencer marketing.

This is your chance to turn your influencer marketing strategy into a golden fountain. Paris 2024 Olympics begins at the end of July but marketing campaigns have already begun.


Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out Paris 2024 Olympics 👇🏽:


The engagement opportunity during the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Olympics are a premier event uniting audiences across ages, interests, and geographies through the shared passion of sports.  The Paris Games are expected to be one of the most digitally-engaged Olympics ever. Official channels have already gained 11 million new followers in the lead-up, highlighting the immense interest and potential reach for brands on social media. 

The Deloitte report states that the Paris Games “may be a proof point for the future of mega-events” and that technology is expected to play a key role in making these events more engaging, accessible, and exciting for global audiences, both in-person and at home. It highlights the potential for digital experiences, broadcast partnerships and, the  AI integrations to amplify engagement. Olympics are the most-watched sporting event in the world with more than 3 billion viewers. 

This is your brand’s opportunity to stand out from the crowd! Yes, competition is high but so are your opportunities to reach out to global audiences.

Leveraging authentic influencer voices during the Paris 2024 Olympics

While traditional Olympic sponsorships are invaluable, social media influencers offer a more authentic and relatable way for brands to connect with audiences.  By partnering with influential athletes, sports personalities, and content creators, brands can tap into the aspirational power of the Olympics through trusted voices that resonate.

The influencer advantage is the ability to share compelling, behind-the-scenes stories that traditional advertising can’t match. Audiences crave those raw, personal perspectives that influencers excel at delivering.

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Influencer marketing strategy for winning on social

So how can brands make the most of social media and influencers in Paris?

Here are some tips 👇🏽:

1. Identify the right Influencers

Look beyond just follower counts. Prioritize influencers who are a natural fit for your brand’s values and already have an invested audience interested in your product/service category.

In addition to mainstream sports stars, brands can explore niche influencers who are experts or have passionate communities around specific Olympic sports or disciplines to enable hyper-targeted outreach. Micro-influencers with niche but highly-engaged communities can be incredibly impactful.

👉🏽Read here more about why to use micro influencers.

Paris 2024 olympics with influencers

2. Focus on Authentic Storytelling

Don’t just pay influencers for product placement. Instead, collaborate with them to develop creative campaigns anchored in real, resonant storytelling around the Olympic spirit of resilience, passion and human achievement. 

3. Leverage Video and Live Content

With attention spans dwindling, capitalize on video and live content from influencers to capture audiences. Behind-the-scenes vlogs, Instagram Live Q&As, TikTok challenges – explore creative formats for influencers to showcase your brand organically. 

4. Amplify with paid social

while influencer content is powerful, don’t rely on it alone. Amplify your influencer collaborations through targeted paid social ads, branded filters/lenses, and other paid promotion on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more.

5. Track and optimize relentlessly

Set clear goals and use tools to closely monitor engagement metrics, sentiment, conversions and more. Continuously optimize your social and influencer strategy based on what’s resonating with audiences in real-time.

👉🏽 Here’s our influencer marketing strategy template for you. 

With Promoty tools you can easily find your influencers, negotiate with them and follow how your campaigns are going.

Paris 2024 olympics is a part of your influencer marketing strategy

Inspiring campaigns around the sport events and olympics

Adidas “Creators House” Campaign at Rio 2016 Olympics

  • Adidas invited 20 top female influencers and bloggers like Lena Gercke, Caro Daur, Faya Nilsson to live together in a “Creators House” in Rio during the Olympics.
  • These influencers tried different Olympic sports, attended events, and shared their experiences across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat to their millions of followers.
  • It was dubbed the “Influencer Games” by Adidas, aiming to reach younger audiences not as inspired by traditional Olympic marketing.
Adidas influencer marketing campaign example for PAris 2024 Olympics

Previnex’s Instagram Takeover by Kristin Hildebrand

  • Nutritional supplement company Previnex, an Olympic athlete sponsor, had U.S. pro volleyball player Kristin Hildebrand take over their Instagram.
  • She filled Previnex’s Instagram with interesting and engaging insider stories from Rio.
Previnex Campaign for Rio Olympics.

The #ThatsGold campaign by Coca-Cola

  • during the Rio 2016 Olympics was a hit. 
  • It drew parallels between the joy of winning a gold medal and everyday moments of happiness. 
  • Coca-Cola set up a real-time marketing hub in Rio to create content around key moments, engaging with audiences on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat​
coca cola campaign could be in Paris 2024 olympics

Chobani yogurt: Their #NoBadStuff campaign during the Rio 2016 Olympics

  • It highlighted healthy ingredients and positive lifestyles. 
  • Chobani featured U.S. athletes who embodied these values, sharing their stories and interviews about overcoming challenges and maintaining a positive attitude. 
  • The campaign included TV ads and limited-edition yogurt flavors inspired by Brazil​
Paris 2024 olympics

Burger King UK refer a friend campaign just before the Monaco Grand Prix

In this campaign, they ask people to Invite their friends to join the Burger King App until 31st May and secure their BKFF status as well as a £1 Chicken or Vegan Royale for them both to enjoy.

They have used the McLaren F1 Team: Lando and Oscar to the test to find out if they really are BKFFs.

This is an example how to use athletes during big sporting events to get your brand to the next level and engage with your audience.

👉🏽This works in the same way with micro or macro influencers.

👉🏽You can choose someone who are experts or has passionate communities around specific Olympic sports or disciplines to enable hyper-targeted outreach and make it tobe interactive campaign like this Burger King example.

These campaigns demonstrate how brands can effectively tie their messaging to the Olympic spirit, leveraging the event’s massive global audience and the inspirational stories of athletes to create impactful marketing strategies.

Make it to be golden influencer marketing strategy for the Paris 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics present an unparalleled opportunity for brands to connect with the world through social media and influencers.

With an authentic, data-driven and creative approach, you can join the journey of passion and achievement to leave a lasting impression on global audiences. It’s a marketing podium finish waiting to happen!

Start finding your influencers and set up your campaigns before the olympics!

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