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Filter our database of influencers by interests, demographics, Instagram and TikTok metrics, or by their audience age, location, or interests.

This way, you can find creators whose audience matches your target group.

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Check detailed insights for every influencer in the world

Relevant metrics, followers’ growth over time, previous collaborations, interests, similar profiles, and notable followers.

Also, followers’ credibility, interests, brand affinity, demographics, age, and many more.

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Reach out to them – or invite them to your Promoty campaign

Use Promoty for effective campaign management: detailed posts’ statistics straight from Instagram, automated influencer payouts, and many more.


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Here are some frequently asked questions

How do the credits work?

Promoty Premium gives you 150 credits monthly. Those credits can be used for both searching and checking influencers’ profiles. One search will cost you one credit and one report will be worth 5 credits.

Users can increase the capacity of their Premium plan by buying more slots and credits. The cost of an additional slot is 1 EUR and every slot comes with 3 Discovery credits. The minimum increase is 5 slots and will give the user 5×3=15 additional Discovery Credits per month.

If anything remains unclear, feel free to contact your Country Manager or reach out to us via [email protected].

What kind of data do you have about the influencers?

With Promoty Premium, you’ll access a detailed report of every TikTok and Instagram influencer with at least 2000 followers, including:

•  Influencer’s followers, reach, and engagement metrics;
•  Followers’ location, age, and gender;
•  Followers’ and likers’ credibility;
•  Followers’ interests; and brand affinity;
…and many more.

Here’s an example of an influencer report:

What's your cancellation policy?

Your Promoty Discovery subscription is recurring and you will be charged monthly. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel your plan at any time by going to Settings > Subscriptions.