TikTok for marketers – all you need to know

The power and impact of TikTok shouldn’t be underestimated in today’s world. Besides being the procrastination tool among teenagers, the app has had a huge impact on smart entrepreneurs who are also interested in marketing on TikTok. 49% of users said TikTok has helped them make purchase decisions and 72% of TikTok users find the ads on the platform inspiring. 

But how to get started with TikTok? How to create viral content? How to collaborate on TikTok? In this post, you will find all these answers and lots of other interesting facts about TikTok.

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1. TikTok’s advantages over other platforms

Some numeral facts:

▸ TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users
▸ The app has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times
▸ 60% of TikTok users are from Gen Z
▸ On average, people spend 52 minutes per day on TikTok

Source: Wallaroo Media

Henna Santavuori (@henna.santavuori) x Bamherhead campaign photo

TikTok focuses on short video content. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, where the main focus is on text and images, on TikTok, sounds and videos are more important. Additionally, TikTok users find the ads on the platform unique and different compared to Instagram or other social media platform ads. If brands don’t usually have that many followers compared to creator accounts, TikTok gives them a chance to create entertaining content that works for everyone – therefore brand accounts have more followers on TikTok compared to competing social media platforms.

Just like Netflix, TikTok shows content to its user through the recommendation algorithm: the app gets to know the user quickly and sorts out the videos they’d like the most. At the same time, it is still possible to keep an eye on what your friends are up to.

Instagram and YouTube have become platforms where people share the most beautiful moments of their life. We often start comparing ourselves to perfectly edited photos of celebrities and forget that behind all the photos there are ordinary people who have everyday problems as we all do. TikTok, on the other hand, has made users feel safe on the platform. People feel like they can express themselves more freely which makes it more probable that they would also use TikTok to share content that they wouldn’t usually post on any other social media platforms. People on TikTok are also more likely to comment and give feedback to fellow creators.

TikTok is the first application to combine features of all major apps, making it rather user-friendly and popular.

2. What kind of content is created on TikTok?

If you are working with an influencer on TikTok, it is likely that your collaboration video will fall into one of the following categories:

▸ Lip syncing – TikTok users like this type of videos because they can be very creative, funny and extravagant.

▸ Makeover videos – these kinds of videos show before and after transformations of things such as hair, clothing, home renovation, etc.

▸ Dance videos – as any TikToker knows, dance videos are extremely popular on TikTok. People create them either to show their talent or just for fun.

▸ “Day in life” videos – users love to watch videos that reflect other people’s daily lives. Those kinds of videos can show somebody’s morning routine, family life, work, or anything else they do throughout the day. The more genuine the content, the better it will perform!

▸ Challenges – thousands of people search for different challenges to entertain themselves. That is why these kinds of videos can become viral quite quickly. TikTok challenge videos usually consist of three elements: text, sound and movement (usually a dance choreography). For example, you can find challenge videos under hashtags like #trynottodance and #challenges_tiktok.

▸ Tutorial videos – those are the videos that teach us something, from making pasta to sharing new makeup techniques.

▸ Training videos – everybody wants to look like their favorite influencer or celebrity. Therefore people are searching for content that reflects celebrities’ training plans.

▸ Animal videos – we think it’s quite obvious… Who wouldn’t want to watch videos of cute and funny animals?

▸ TikTok Lives – TikTok videos are can be highly edited and processed to get the best out of one’s clips, but it is worth remembering that people also like simple videos! TikTok Live gives content creators a chance to build deeper connections with their followers.

TikTok Live by @charlidamelio

A well-structured video begins to gain popularity > a large number of users create videos with similar content > the trend emerges > the trend goes viral. Once a famous content creator has picked up a trend, it can become viral in just a few hours. A TikTok trend can be a sound, song, theme reference, dance or a challenge. Even the way that videos are edited can become a trend! 

Keeping up with TikTok trends is essential for anyone who wants to pursue a career in social media – trends are the best way to be visible and stand out to new people.

3.1. How to recognize TikTok trends?

It is important to be quick and notice trends at the right time. If there are already a million videos created around one trend, it is quite difficult to stand out from them. There are many content creators whose social media niche is recognizing growing trends and sharing them with others. For example, @sabrinaannesocials shares TikTok tricks and trends that are becoming popular on social media, especially on TikTok.

Trends can also be noticed just by spending time on TikTok. The first step would be to just browse through your For You Page as well as keep an eye on big TikTokers – they tend to pick up trends the fastest. Also while watching videos, take notes on even the smallest things – like the camera’s angle or which hashtags to use in the titles. As trends go to the masses, it becomes quite clear what they are and when they change: when you notice one particular song or a dance constantly repeating on your For You Page then bam – it’s a trend.

4. How to get started and grow a TikTok account?

Before recording your TikTok video, it is important to think about what type of content you are going to create and what value it will give to your audience. For example, you can create educational or funny content by following the latest trends or maybe even start a new trend yourself! Growing a large audience doesn’t take place overnight, it is a longer and more strategic process.

Here are some tips on how to grow a TikTok account 👇🏼

a) Know who your target audience is. This is the first and most important step. Once you’ve figured out who your audience is, it’s much easier to think about what content to create since you know who to talk to.

b) Take part in the trends. As we mentioned, TikTok is strongly associated with trends and by participating in them, you can reach a lot of new people!

c) Educate your audience. Experts have said that the best TikTok content is both educational and entertaining. If you can combine these two, you already have half the victory!

d) Use hashtags. Using hashtags will help you to increase your TikTok views! And if you’re thinking of which TikTok hashtags to use, make sure to combine different ones – branded, trending, challenge, and other hashtags.

e) Post at the right time. Obviously, the best time to post is when your audience is the most likely to be on TikTok. Finding the right time takes a lot of testing and time, but in the end, it’s totally worth it!

f) Collaborate with other tiktokers. Remember that TikTok is a social platform. It is important to involve other content creators as well – why not try out the TikTok duet, for example! This will definitely help you to increase your engagement!

5. How to get to the For You Page

a) The newer the account is, the better the chance for you to reach the For You Page. When you get started with TikTok, you need to post as much as possible: it would be most useful to do this 3-5 times a day and use hashtags that are related to the video (hashtags like #foryou, #viral, etc. no longer catch the eye of the algorithm, so we recommend using something more relevant instead).

b) It is important to communicate with your followers as much as possible: take your time to respond to the comments because it will let the algorithm know that the video is active. Plus, it will make your followers feel special and most likely they will comment on your videos next time as well!

c) Post at the right time. At first, it will be difficult to find out what the best time to post is. However, it’s important to experiment with posting at different times to find the right one for you.

d) Do not delete your TikTok videos. If you don’t like a video anymore, it’s important to just turn it on private. This way others won’t see the post anymore, but the TikTok’s likes will remain on your account!

e) The easier it is to watch your video, the more attractive it will be for people. Intricately edited and very high-quality videos don’t work that well on TikTok: the platform has become a place where people go for entertainment in their free time – they want simple content! If they wanted to watch high production videos, they’d go to YouTube instead.

f) It is also good to know that people’s attention only lasts for 7 seconds. Hence, during the first seven seconds, your content should attract people to stay till the end of the video.

👇🏼 Here are some practical tips to get viewers respond to your videos:

Ask questions: add a question to your video or the title – this gives the viewers a reason to comment!

“Send this video to ..”: make viewers forward your video to their friends. For example: “Send this video to your best friend.” When a video is being shared, it shows the algorithm that people are interested in your content – therefore it will be shown to even more people. So use all tricks that make users share your TikToks!

“Tag Someone”: Make the viewers tag other TikTok users in the video’s comment section. For example: “Your seventh @ must take you to the movies” or “Tag someone you would like to try out this trend with.” This way your video gets more comments and reaches more people at the same time!

6. Download TikTok videos without watermarks

When posting a new Tiktok, you have the option to also save it to your camera roll, but the sad part is that the hopping TikTok watermark will also come with it. Though, there are plenty of platforms you can use to download TikToks without watermarks!

The one we use is SnapTik – just copy the link of your TikTok (first make sure that your account and the TikTok are public), paste it to SnapTik, and then download it in HD. And voila, you have the TikTok video without watermarks now!

If you plan on posting the downloaded TikTok as an Instagram Reel, make sure to not use the original audio of the video and put on a sound from Instagram Music Library.

Jekaterina Kalašnikova (@miss_kalashnikova) x Belief campaign photo

7. Ideas for TikTok ads

Currently, TikTok has five different advertising formats, plus, you can always work with TikTok influencers for more organic-looking advertising. Here are the formats of TikTok ads that you can choose from:

▸ In-feed TikTok ads: TikTok In-feed ads are video-ads that are displayed on the feed when users scroll through their For You Page. Therefore, the ad should be as similar to other TikToks as possible. The recommended video length is 15 seconds, a CTA button can also be added!

▸ Brand Takeovers: those ads pop up as soon as the user open their TikTok app and those ads take over the whole screen for a few seconds. It is a more expensive and exclusive ad that can be a 3-5 second GIF, image, or video.

▸ TikTok Branded Hashtags: clicking on a sponsored hashtag will take the user to a landing page where there can be the sponsor’s logo, website link, challenge description and the most popular videos related to that hashtag.

▸ TikTok Branded Effects: TikTok offers brands to make 3D or 2D filters with their logo that can be used in videos. It is a fun way to enable users to engage with your business.

As well as on Instagram, it is also important on TikTok to make it clear that the video is sponsored content. If you miss this step, TikTok will find the collaborative post and just simply remove it. So as a marketer, make sure your collaboration partner marks the collaborative TikTok as an ad by using a relevant hashtag, for example.

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It is also important to pay attention to what kind of music you are using in sponsored TikToks – it has to be a no-copyright sound. When you switch your account to a Business Account in settings, TikTok will automatically show which music is available for collaborations and which is not.

8. Can TikTok pay you?

Yes – TikTok has definitely thought of turning TikTok video creation into a payable job! Here are two features that give TikTokers a way to earn money 👇🏼

a) Creators Fund

It is a monetary fund for creators which means that a content creator earns 2-3 cents per every thousand views. The money gets deposited on the account once a month. This feature is available for accounts that have at least 1000 followers.

b) Gifts

One of the latest innovations that TikTok has come out with is the feature of collecting gifts. Gifts mean that a follower can buy a virtual gift and send it to a TikToker whose content they value. In the past, gifts could only be sent in live videos, but now it is possible to receive them through comments as well. In order to collect gifts, you must first activate them from your settings (you need to have at least 1000 followers to do that).

9. How much does a TikToker make?

If you are new to Influencer marketing, you may question the pricing details of TikTok Influencer marketing campaigns. Here is American TikToker pricing guide:

TikToker with less than 10,000 followers earns $ 5-25 per TikTok.

TikToker with 10,000 – 500,000 followers earns $ 25-125 per video.

TikToker with 500,000 – 1 million followers earns $ 1250-2500 per video.

TikToker with 1 million or more followers earns $ 2,500+ per video.

Source: NeoReac

10. Best examples of brands on TikTok

Ryanair – a good example of how humor increases engagement. They mostly use images and footage of its planes alongside a filter with human-like facial features. Adding carefully selected trending audio leaves the video with hilarious results.

Zara – they bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. 3D artists create short videos from seasonal collections. They offer truly unique and slightly bizarre visual content that immediately arouses curiosity so it stops users in their tracks when browsing the platform.

McDonald’s – they just have very fun content! The brand follows trends and makes them unique.

Glossier – when you open up their account, you can find everything you would expect from any beauty brand: makeup and skincare tutorials, unboxings, best selling products and color swatching. But what makes the company’s content more special is behind the screens videos of employees, new shop openings, the product making process etc. The insight Glossier gives to its followers makes them feel more involved in the doings of the company.

So, should your brand be on TikTok?

To answer the question, ask yourself first: “Is my target audience using TikTok?” If the answer’s yes, you might be missing an opportunity because this fresh and user-friendly platform could be a great opportunity for your brand!

If you’d like to do cross-channel influencer collaborations both on Instagram and TikTok, we can help you find potential partners! Just get in touch with us through the form below 👇🏼

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