3 ways to boost word of mouth online

You probably already know that word of mouth advertising is significantly more effective than traditional marketing. A good word-of-mouth marketing strategy supports organic word of mouth and vice versa – if your product is already being talked about, any word-of-mouth marketing campaign will be more successful.

Let’s take a closer look at three ways to boost your brand’s word of mouth online: user-generated content, referrals, and product reviews.

1. Boost word of mouth online with user-generated content

Working with influencers to create original and eye-catching content is one of the main reasons to involve them. Firstly, it is significantly cheaper than hiring a professional photographer, secondly, the content created is trendy and works perfectly on social media.

This trend is particularly strong in Finland where several major brands on Promoty have run content-only campaigns, meaning that the content creators don’t have to post the taken photos on their own social media channels. 

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@men.nan.der x Paulig campaign photo

Kirsti Vaikla (@kirstivaikla) x Paulig campaign photo

Moreover, by involving influencers who create and influence social media trends, a product can be given an “instagrammable” reputation, thus encouraging so-called regular users to share product images on their social media platforms.

Wolt is a good example of a product of which sharing on social media has been turned “cool” with the help of influencers – thanks to the involvement of content creators, a trend of sharing your Wolt’s paper bag on social media has been created. Many Wolt users do this on a daily basis without getting paid.

Iiris-Simona Rao and Wolt campaign photo

Iiris-Simona Rao (@iirissimonarao) x Wolt campaign photo

Kristjaana Mere (@kristjaana) x Wolt campaign photo

2. Boost word of mouth online with referral marketing

Similarly, Wolt uses influencers to promote referral marketing: influencers share their personal promotional code, which gives new users an opportunity to get their first home delivery for free.

Since each user of the Wolt app has their personal free-delivery code, as well, a similar effect takes place here: following the example of influencers, regular users have also started sharing their codes on social media. Plus, referral codes are one of the best ways for measuring campaign results in influencer marketing.

Referral marketing has also been one of the most effective referral channels for us on Promoty: with creator-to-creator referrals, we have involved more than 40,000 users in three countries. Since influencers can’t be directly targeted with Instagram ads, this has been a great opportunity for us to reach such a narrow audience.

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3. Boost word of mouth online with product reviews

Influencers are often involved in introducing brands’ products, both when launching new products and raising awareness about the products already on the market. In this case, the content creator gets sent a product, asked to test it out and express their opinion. A particularly powerful effect occurs when the influencer really likes the product and they have followers who already love the product, as well. These followers usually begin to interact with each other in the comments or stories – this way a small community of fans, that slowly begins to grow, forms around the product.

P. S. The content creator has always got the right to express their honest opinion: if the product does not fulfill the permitted purpose, the influencer has the right to state it or not cooperate with the brand.

An exciting product review campaigns on Promoty was MyLook’s (an e-store for beauty products), where content creators got sent a L’Oreal mascara for testing and they were asked for honest feedback.

“We expect honest feedback that could help out other people when choosing a mascara,” said the campaign brief. In addition to sharing the content on Instagram, influencers were asked to share their feedback on MyLook webpage so that other shoppers could make better choices based on it.

One of the advantages of blogs is that articles and product reviews also appear in search engines – Instagram is still one step behind here. However, product reviews can be found via hashtags and when the “shopping on Instagram” feature becomes more popular, the importance of product reviews on Instagram will rise, too.

@saloomet x MyLook campaign photo

How to measure word of mouth marketing?

Measuring brand mentions in private conversations is obviously difficult – but you can measure the number of brand mentions and tags on social media, the use of hashtags, changes in the number of searches, number of direct messages, brand’s social media engagement, and make conclusions from the content and the number of comments of the collaborative posts.

For example, according to Janne Paavola, the Marketing and Finance Manager of the Finnish soft drink brand Nokian Limut, the clearest indication of word-of-mouth marketing was the number of messages sent to the brand: after their campaign on Promoty, the brand received a large number of messages.

Paavola also pointed out that the two campaigns run on Promoty brought higher involvement and more messages from potential partners after the campaign that was attended by younger (under 20 years old) micro-influencers. The reach with the older target group was 4 times higher, but the engagement was almost 10% lower.

@siljain x Nokian Limut campiagn photo

@demifelicia x Nokian Limut campiagn photo

Influencers have an important role in building trust, especially in new markets. Therefore, they should be involved in creating content, and sharing product reviews and feedback, thus promoting word-of-mouth marketing online.

With Promoty, we’re focused on building influencer marketing tools for brands and agencies: for finding the right influencers, managing collaborations, and monitoring branded content. 

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