Top 10 bloggers in Houston – and how to find more

Blogging has become a massive global industry. Houston is home to numerous fashion, lifestyle, and tech bloggers. These bloggers are reaching people in their own unique way and we would love to mention a few bloggers in Houston and some guidelines on finding more Houston bloggers in your niche.

Here are the top bloggers to keep on your feed, based on their Instagram following:

1. Dede Raad (@dressupbuttercup) 1.1M followers
2. Loren Hamilton (@wearandwhenblog) 182K followers
3. Robert Roach (@roamingrobert) 174K followers
4. Hayley Free Bordes (@littlemeandfree) 137K followers
5. Joy Green (@joyfullygreen) 132K followers
6. Tasfia (@styleandlatte) 130K followers
7. Erika Ortega (@erika_cullen) 105K followers
8. Onyi (@sincerelyonyi) 102K followers
9. Cindy Hannam (@lululoves7_) 101K followers
10. Ana (@thebucketlistlatina) 101K followers

1. Dede Raad (@dressupbuttercup)

Dede Raad has amassed her way to a million Instagram followers as a result of her love of approachable, attainable styling. Her Instagram feed gives us a glimpse into her daily life with photos of her husband and kids and her collaborations with top brands like Amazon.

2. Loren Hamilton (@wearandwhenblog)

Loren is a blogger with a love for fashion and beauty. A mom to two kids, Loren has collaborated with brands like Nike, Gibson, Myka, and Avara among others. Browse through her Instagram profile to see all the amazing outfits she’s constantly showing off!

3. Robert Roach (@roamingrobert)

With pictures of his daily life, adventure, and a lot of travel, Robert Roach is truly going down a fun and exciting path. Being a pilot enabled him to visit 67 countries and become a travel blogger. From sky diving in Hawaii to bungee jumping in New Zealand, Robert is killing it on Instagram.

4. Hayley Free Bordes (@littlemeandfree)

Hayley’s Instagram is evergreen. With a husband, three lovely daughters, and a little dog, her posts are all you’d want to see in a lifestyle blogger’s feed. With a following of 138K, she’s collaborating with brands on Instagram whilst showing her everyday life posts which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

5. Joy Green (@joyfullygreen)

If you’ve ever been interested in home decor or renovation, Joy Green is the home decor creator to check out. On her Instagram account, Joy shares everything from kitchen renovation and holiday decor to bathroom remodeling and office designs. She always creates, changes, and shares her wonders of DIY projects on Instagram.

6. Tasfia (@styleandlatte)

A beauty and style blogger, Tasfia is unique in her own way. With a height of just 4’10”, she stands tall with her love for fashion, writing some amazing articles about skincare and beauty on her website.

According to her, “style is not about putting up with the latest fashion trends but rather expressing and creating your own fashion”. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll be left with a bunch of outfit ideas and some amazing styling tips!

7. Erika Ortega (@erika_cullen)

What is one of the oldest and most popular niches when it comes to social media? Food!

Food bloggers generate awareness of the latest cuisine trends. Erica is one such person. A Mexican food lover, Erica has partnered with many food brands and has written some healthy food recipes on her blog. Apart from food, you’ll also find photos of daily life and travel with her family.

8. Onyi (@sincerelyonyi)

A mom to 2 boys, Onyi maintains a long-distance marriage while practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant. Being a Motherhood, Wellness & Travel blogger, she is the perfect example of how you can be a balance-inspiring influencer. Scroll through her wholesome feed on Instagram to see for yourself!

9. Cindy Hannam (@lululoves7_)

Cindy Hannam is an all-arounder. Beauty, fashion, travel, home decor, and even gift guides, she’s got it all covered on her personal website. On Instagram, she mainly focuses on women’s everyday fashion. With her collaboration with footwear and skincare brands, Cindy is the go-to blogger for some simple yet classic fashion inspiration.

10. Ana (@thebucketlistlatina)

Looking for travel destinations or hidden gems in Texas? Follow Ana!

She’s a Latina travel blogger inspiring to add some amazing destinations to your bucket list. If you are searching for some wanderlust inspiration, make sure to check out her colorful Instagram feed!

📝  Your guide to finding more bloggers in Houston

There are three ways for finding local influencers:

1] Searching on Google
2] Manually sourcing from social media
3] using an influencer search tool

Let’s go through each of these!

1. Finding bloggers on Google

Most likely, you’ve previously tried this approach. It is the simplest method for locating blogs. Using particular keywords will aid in obtaining accurate results. For instance, you can look up terms like food bloggers in Houston, Houston fashion blog, blog on hidden destinations of Houston, or influencers in Texas.

2. Finding Houston bloggers on Instagram and TikTok

Make sure to look up relevant hashtags when searching for potential creators on social media. When looking for relevant bloggers, you may search using the following keywords and hashtags:

▸ keywords like “blogger in Houston”
▸ hashtags like #houstonblogger, #houstonbloggers
▸ name of the city, such as #houston

You can also search by location. For example, you can check Houston Space Center, Houston Zoo, Museum Of Natural Science, Art Car Museum, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Sheldon lake state park, popular bars, cafeterias, restaurants, and other places influencers go to.

After locating a creative you want to collaborate with, you may look through profiles that are comparable to theirs. On a mobile device, click the little arrow 🔽 button next to the “Message” button on their profile. On a desktop computer, click the small arrow button next to the “Follow” button. That way, a list of influencers you might want to collaborate with, will be visible to you.

Similar influencers to dressupbuttercup Dede Raad – find  bloggers in Houston

Similar Instagram users to @stylinbyaylin

2. Using influencer search tools

Using an influencer search engine like Promoty is advised because searching for bloggers manually takes much too much time. You have access to our extensive database of Instagram and TikTok accounts through Promoty. You can find the best collaboration partners for your brand by utilizing filters!

You can use the location and bio filters to find bloggers who are located in Houston and who have the term “blogger” in their bio if you’re looking for bloggers who have a presence there. You may also focus your search on the influencer’s demographics, including their age, interests, and followers.

top Houston bloggers – screenshot of Promoty's influencer search tool

Searching for Houston-based bloggers on Promoty Discovery

You can establish criteria for the influencers’ audiences if you’re looking for bloggers with a Houston-based audience. By doing this, you can locate collaboration partners whose audience is similar to your target market.

Also, you can focus your search on the influencer’s demographics, including their age, interests, and followers. For instance, you can use the Keyword in biofilter to find bloggers who discuss premium brands, street style, ex-pat living, or Mediterranean lifestyle.

Set the Audience filters appropriately if women between the ages of 25 and 34 make up your brand’s target market. That makes it easier for you to identify the ideal influencers for your brand.

Create a free account and try it out yourself! 👇🏼

For each Instagram and TikTok influencer, you can view their follower credibility, average engagement rate, average likes, audience demographics (age, location, and gender), brand affinity, most-used hashtags, prior sponsored posts, followers’ growth over time, similar profiles, and a whole lot more.

Instagram user's @zoesugg's statistics on Promoty

Influencer Instagram account insights on Promoty Discovery

Conclusion: the best ways to find Housten-based bloggers

To summarize: Houston is a fantastic city with a wealth of exceptional social media creators. Although using influencer search tools will likely result in hundreds of hours of work saved, you can try manually searching for bloggers. To test it out, sign up for free! 👇🏼

Get detailed profile analytics for every influencer.

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