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How does Promoty work?

Here’s how it works:

1. Marketer sets up a campaign. After that, influencers will see the campaign and apply if they are interested.

2. Marketer selects influencers they would like to work with, and if needed, sends out the products to influencers.

3. Influencers create the requested content and upload it to Promoty

4. Marketer reviews the submitted content and asks for changes if necessary. If not, they can approve the content.

For influencer campaigns, influencers post the content on their social media. After that, the marketer will see the campaign statistics on Promoty.

👉🏼  A step-by-step tutorial on how Promoty works can be found here!

Where are you operating?

On Promoty, you can work with influencers from the Baltics and the Scandinavian countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark – and the Netherlands.

Can I run international campaigns?

Yes, you can! 🙌🏼 Make sure to write your campaign brief in English and choose English as the “Influencer’s spoken language” under targeting.

Under targeting, you can also choose influencers based on their location or based on their audience’s location. You can also leave the “influencer location” empty if it doesn’t matter to you.

How can I reach out to the local team?

If you are based in the Baltics, Scandinavian countries, or the Netherlands, it’s the easiest for you to talk to your local Country Manager!

All the contacts are listed here. 💌

Can I have someone manage my influencer campaign?

Yes! You can do everything yourself or hire an Account Manager from Promoty to fully or partly manage your influencer campaigns.

Fully managed campaigns mean that we take care of everything you want: setting up the campaign, choosing suitable influencers, reviewing the content, and keeping eye on the campaign in general.

If you need help with managing your campaign, reach out to the local Country Manager! The contacts can be found here.


How much does Promoty cost?

Setting up a campaign on Promoty is free. 

• For content-only campaigns, marketers will be charged once they approve the content.

• For influencer campaigns, marketers will be charged when the influencer posts the content.

We take a commission fee of 20% – this is already included in the price you see on the platform. When rewarding influencers with products only, there is a fixed fee per content.

How does paying to influencers work?

When trying to accept the first content, you will find a form that asks you to make a credit application – whether you’d like to pay with invoice or credit card:

• if you’d like to pay with a credit card, choose this option;

• if you prefer invoice, credit application is for you. Credit application is usually approved within 15 minutes so you can start approving content right after that. 

P.S. Make sure you have added your company details on the platform to ensure the invoice will be correct. You’ll receive the invoice at the end of the month.

What are the options to pay to the influencer?

When setting up a campaign, you can choose if you want to pay influencers in money, products*, or both. 

*“Product” might also mean service, shop credit, or a gift card here – any payment option that is not monetary. 

All payments go through Promoty which means, in a campaign where the influencer gets paid, all you have to do is accept the content and pay the bill at the end of the month. The rest is taken care of. 🙌🏼

When do I need to pay the platform fee?

Promoty platform fee is already calculated in the price of the influencer. Meaning, the price you see when someone applies to your campaign also includes the platform fee.

Under “Cost report”, you can see all the fees separately: the influencer’s fee, platform fee and VAT.

How can I add company details for the invoice?

On the platform, click on your name on the upper right corner > select settings > company details – and there you go!

Can I have different bills for different campaigns?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is add another company to your account.

For that: go to your name on the top right corner, click on “Settings” and then “Add new Company”.

P.S! Make sure you switch between companies from the upper menu when setting up new campaigns so that your campaigns would be under correct brands.


Which platforms can I include in my campaign?

Currently, Promoty has integration with Instagram only.

However, we can also do custom solutions! If you are searching for TikTok, YouTube or  influencers from any other platform, you can still use Promoty – just in this case, we can’t provide you with posts’ statistics, though.

If you want to do a campaign on any other platform besides Instagram, our local Country Manager can help you to set it up. Find their contact here!

Do I need to add hashtags to my campaign?

Yes, you do. Please add at least one hashtag – our system uses hashtags to link the influencers’ Instagram posts to our platform.

What do the different dates under “Duration” mean?

Start date: the date when your campaign goes live. After the campaign goes live, influencers can see the campaign and apply.

Applications close date: after that date, new influencers can no longer apply to the campaign.

End date: the date when your campaign ends. By that date, all the requested content from all the accepted influencers should be posted online.

What to write under “Do’s and Don'ts”?

These explain to the applicants what you expect from them.

Do’s include what you would like to see on the content: should the influencer be in the photo; should the picture be taken inside or outside; what kind of emotions would you like to see, etc.

Don’ts should include points that the influencer should avoid once agreed to this collab. For example, you could mention not to work with brands in the same category as you for a specific time period

Can I add pictures or links to the campaign brief?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to add pictures or clickable links to the campaign brief, yet. 😔 Instead, you could say in the brief to go have a look at your Instagram feed for content inspiration, for example.

How does the targeting work?

Under “Targeting“, you can set what kind of influencers you want to find: how old should they be, how many followers they should have, where their audience should be based at, etc.

Only influencers who meet all the specified criteria are going to see your campaign. However, we recommend not setting the criteria too narrow – this way, you might accidentally exclude influencers who are your brand’s biggest fans!

You can also see the number of influencers with whom your filters match i.e who will be able to apply to the campaign.

How does location-based targeting work?


• audience’s location if you have a local business and you want to reach local people;

• influencers’ location if they need to be in a specific area to use your service. Or if you are planning to ship products to them and you don’t want to ship them too far.

You can also activate both filters if you want to target local influencers with a local audience.

Also, keep in mind: if your campaign brief is in a local language, you should target influencers who speak the same language.



I set up a campaign, now what?

Once you have set up a campaign, our team will review it within 24 hours. If some details are missing, we’ll get back to you. If everything is good, your campaign will go live.

After that, influencers can apply to your campaign. We recommend waiting at least 2-3 days and then select the influencers you’d like to work with.

To see influencers who have applied to your campaign, go to Campaigns > Running Campaigns > Applications.

How do I choose influencers?

To see influencers who have applied to your campaign, go to Campaigns > Running Campaigns > Applications.

There you can see their creative ideas, Instagram statistics and the price they ask for your requested content.

If you open a certain profile, you’ll also see their Instagram feed, additional Instagram statistics and their audience demographics.

Once you have decided whether you’d like to work with them or not, you can accept or refuse the applicant.

⚠️ If you want to negotiate the price asked by the influencer, make sure to do that before accepting the influencer to the campaign! You can use Chat for that.

What do I do after accepting influencers?

Ship the goods if needed and give them some time to create the content. 🙂

When the first influencers have created the content, you will see it under the “Review” tab:

• Content to be reviewed – content that you have to approve or request changes.

• Approved content – content that you have confirmed and, for the influencer campaigns, is ready to be posted.

    How do I send products to influencers?

    If it’s a product campaign, the next step after accepting influencers is sending out the products – please do it as soon as possible so they can start with creating the content.

    Under “Shipping“, you can find the influencers’ shipping addresses, contact information and their choice of products.

      I have content to review, but I see nothing under the review tab.

      Before you can see the content that influencers have submitted, our staff needs to review it first – to make sure that no inappropriate content gets submitted. Give us a minute!

      (You can always notify us via email or phone if we’re too slow 🐌)

        Can I use the created content on the brand's social media?

        Yes, you can! Once you confirm the post, you can download the photo in full size without the watermark. After that, you can use the content on all of your social media channels without any additional fees.

          For influencers


          How can I start using Promoty?

          This is simple: download the Promoty app from App Store or Google Play, create an account and fill in your profile details.

          After that, you should verify yourself by following the guidelines on the app!

          How much does it cost for influencers?

          For influencers, using Promoty is totally free of charge – you can only earn money here! 💸


          Why can't I see all the campaigns?

          When brands set up campaigns on Promoty, they can set filters on what kind of influencers they want to target: their age, the number of followers, etc.

          If you don’t see a specific campaign, unfortunately, you don’t match with the filters of this campaign. 😿

          How do I apply to a campaign?

          1. On the campaigns tab, choose the campaign you’d like to apply to.

          2. Set your price or choose the products you’d like to get as a reward

          3. For the idea, describe:
          • why you’d like to participate in the campaign;
          • what kind of post would you like to do;
          • and if the brand requested specific information in the campaign brief, make sure to include that, too!

          The more personal and sincere your idea is, the higher chance you have to be chosen for the campaign. That’s why you should only apply to campaigns that you really like!

          I can’t press “I Posted” on the app

          Make sure you have used all the required hashtags  – this how our system will find the post!

          If you’ve done so but still can’t like the content, send us a message on Instagram and we can connect your post manually!

          How can I see if I have been accepted to a campaign?

          You can find the campaigns that you’ve been accepted to by going to “Collabs” > “In Progress”.

          If you’ve got accepted, you’ll see blue numbers that mark the amount of requested content.

          Application approved icon on Promoty app

          If the campaign is under “Applied” and has a yellow clock icon attached to it, the application is still pending.

          application pending icon on Promoty

          What if I don’t like the product I received?

          Communication is the key here. Reach out to the marketer via chat, explain your expectations and what you didn’t like about the product.

          Be open, collaborative, and professional – we’re sure you’ll find a solution together 🙂

          Can I cancel the collaboration?

          If you haven’t been accepted to the campaign yet, you can withdraw your application at any time.

          If you’ve already been accepted to the campaign but don’t want to continue, let the marketer know via chat. Make sure to be professional and explain the situation – we’re sure the marketer will understand.

          If you have already received the products, those need to be returned. 📬

          What if I’m late with the content?

          If you haven’t created the content yet and the due date is over, write to the marketer via chat and ask if it’s okay to still submit your content.

          If you’ve already created the content and the due date is over, just upload your content to Promoty – and when it gets approved, post it online right away.

          Being late is something that might happen to everyone – but in general, try to avoid that. Deadlines are set for a reason and as a professional partner, you should respect them.

          If you’re frequently late with your content or don’t submit it at all, you’ll be marked with a 👻 sign on Promoty which indicates that you’re not trustworthy.

          What if I’m late with the content?

          If you haven’t created the content yet and the due date is over, write to the marketer via chat and ask if it’s okay to still submit your content.

          If you’ve already created the content and the due date is over, just upload your content to Promoty – and when it gets approved, post it online right away.

          Being late is something that might happen to everyone – but in general, try to avoid that. Deadlines are set for a reason and as a professional partner, you should respect them.

          If you’re frequently late with your content or don’t submit your content at all, you’ll be marked with a 👻 sign on Promoty which indicates that you’re not trustworthy.


          How do I connect my Instagram account to Promoty?

          After initial verification, we also recommend connecting your  your Instagram Creator account to Promoty.

          To connect your account fully, you need to have switched to a Creator or Business account on Instagram and connected it to your Facebook page.

          A step-by-step tutorial can be found here!

          After that, marketers will see your Instagram statistics and followers’ demographics – which means that you’ll probably get accepted to more campaigns.

          Getting “This account is already connected to Promoty” message

          Looks like you have another Promoty account connected to your Instagram! 🤭

          Try a different login email or send us a message on Instagram – we can check which email is connected to your Instagram account on Promoty!

          I would like to change the Instagram account that’s connected to Promoty

          This is something you can do by yourself! Here’s how:

          • Open the app and go to your profile
          • Press on the tree stripes located top right
          • Choose “Social profiles”
          • Press on the pencil icon behind the account to remove it

          …after that, you can click on “Connect your Creator Account” and connect the right account.

          I can’t connect my account with Promoty

          The Instagram connection process can be a little confusing, indeed! 

          Usually, the error appears when some necessary checkbox is left unchecked. Make sure that you followed this step-by-step tutorial 100%. 

          If you get stuck, send us a message on Instagram – we can reset your account and you can re-do the process from the beginning.

          Why do you need access to my account?

          It’s just a part of Instagram connection process that we can’t change.

          The Promoty app, the staff, and anybody with access to our system is not able to take control of your pages or accounts.

          Our system has no control over any action that might change any data on your Instagram or Facebook accounts.

          If you have any questions about Promoty or its permissions to your data, get in touch with us! We’re always ready to help. 🤍


          When will I get my payment?

          If you have posted all the requested content online and linked it on the app, you’ll get your payment at the beginning of the upcoming month. 💸

          For example, if your content gets linked on July 31st, you’ll get your payment at the beginning of August.

          Also, make sure your payment details are added on the app! Otherwise, we cannot pay you. 🙁

          How do I add my payment details?

          Open the Promoty app, go to the Profile tab (the first icon from the right), press on ≡ on the top right and choose “Payouts”.

          Then, fill in the details: your currency, full name (yours or your company’s), your bank account number and the account type (business or personal).

          Done! 🥳

          P.S. In case of a business, make sure to send us an invoice to [email protected]. In this case, the payment does not happen automatically so the invoice is needed. 

          How do taxes work on Promoty?

          According to our Terms and Conditions, you as the content creator are responsible for declaring your Promoty fees in accordance to the local law. 

          This means, if you have earned a certain amount of income from Promoty, you should also indicate this on your income tax return.

          Can’t log in
          to Promoty

          I forgot my password

          For security reasons, we don’t know your password either. Use the “Forgot password?” link on the app to reset your password!

          I can’t get the “Password reset” email

          Make sure to check all the folders in your mailbox, including spam, social and promotions – sometimes, emails from Promoty go there.

          Also, make sure that the submitted email is correct and there are no spaces at the end or start of the email address.

          If you still can’t get the email, send us a message on Instagram and we’ll see what we can do!

          Getting “This user already exists” message when trying to create an account

          It looks like you have already signed up with this email. 🤭

          Click on the “Forgot password?” button to reset your password and log in!


          Where can the brand use my content?

          To protect your content, all the submitted posts have a Promoty watermark on them. Once the marketer purchases your content, they can download the photo in full size without the watermark.

          After that, the brand will have social media rights to the purchased content – it means that they can use it on all of their social media channels.

          How do I remove myself from the mailing list?

          The easiest way to remove yourself from the email list is to click “unsubscribe” at the end of our newsletter.

          If that doesn’t work for some reason, send us a message on Instagram and we’ll help you out!

          How can I delete my account?

          We’re sorry that you’d like to delete your account 😔 if you’re sure you’d like to do that, DM us on Instagram!

          If none of the questions above found a solution to your problem, feel free to reach out to us through [email protected]

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          Suite 1007
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          Canada, M5H 3L5

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