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 Influencer Discovery

How does it work?
Filter our global database of influencers by their interests, audience size, or demographics – and see detailed insights for every influencer worldwide.
What kind of data do you have about influencers?
With Promoty Premium, you’ll access a detailed report of over 250 million influencers, including:

•  Influencer’s followers, reach, and engagement metrics;
•  Followers’ location, age, and gender;
•  Followers’ growth over time;
•  Similar users;
…and many more.

Learn more about influencer analytics.

How are the credits calculated?
Every time you click on “Search” or “Load more”, you’ll lose 1 credit. Thus, you’ll be shown 10 profiles for each credit.

Every time you click on a new profile and see their insights, you’ll lose 5 credits. Each click on “Get latest stats” also costs you 5 credits.

The influencers whose insights you’ve already looked at will be collected under “My Influencers”. Thus, you won’t lose any more credits when looking at their insights again (except for the latest stats).

What happens to my unused monthly credits?
If you’re a monthly subscriber of Influencer Discovery, all the unused credits will be added to the next month’s credits which means they’ll stack.

Influencer CRM (boards)

How does it work?
Use our influencer CRM to manage all your influencers, collaborations, chats, and branded content in one place.
Organize all your influencers by boards and columns, add notes, labels, and reminders, and replace endless emails with our in-app chat.
Can I add my own influencers?
Yes, you can add your own Instagram and TikTok influencers! Just click +Add influencers and add creators by their username or profile URL.
How does the chat work?
If the influencer is on Promoty or you know their email, you can use our in-app chat to discuss collaboration details.

If the influencer is on Promoty, they can chat directly through the Promoty app. 

If they are not, your messages will be sent to their email. If they reply to the email, you will see their reply in the Promoty app.

Do influencers see notes and labels?
No, they don’t. Notes, labels, attached documents and team comments are only visible to your team.


Pricing & billing

How much does Promoty cost?
Our prices start from 132€ monthly while our most popular package (Promoty Professional) is 195€ monthly.

That includes adding up to 150 influencers to the boards, seeing their insights, using the in-app chat, detecting collaboration content, and finding new influencers with Discovery.

If you’re not ready to subscribe yet, you can use our free trial for unlimited time.

How can I add my billing info?
To select the payment method, log in to, click on your name in the upper right corner > select Settings > Billing > Payment methods.

To add the company information for the bill, click on your name in the upper right corner > select Settings > Company details.

How do the campaign payments work?

For the influencer campaigns with a monetary fee, we take a commission fee of 20% – this is already included in the price you see on the platform.

For Premium users, setting up influencer campaigns is free of charge. For one-time users, there is a campaign setup fee of 195€.

In influencer campaigns, marketers will be charged when the influencer posts the content. In content-only campaigns, marketers will be charged once they approve the content.

What's the company behind Promoty?

Promoty is created and managed by

Promoty Marketing OÜ
Valukoja 10
11415 Tallinn

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via info(@) or Contact page.


When subscribed, will I be charged automatically?
Your Promoty Discovery subscription is recurring and you will be charged monthly. But no worries, you can cancel your plan at any time by going to Settings > Subscriptions.

What's your cancellation policy?

Flexible. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel your plan at any time by going to Settings > Subscriptions.

If I cancel the subscription, will my existing credits remain?

If you cancel the subscription, your existing credits will remain until the end of the current month. When the new month starts you’ll lose your credits.