What you should know about Instagram bot followers

Getting more followers on Instagram is something many people and businesses want.

Some try using Instagram bot followers to quickly grow their follower count. But there are important things to understand about this.

What are Instagram bot followers?

Instagram bots are like robots. They do things on Instagram automatically, like liking posts or following accounts.

Bot followers are accounts created or managed by these bots.

Why some people use bot followers?

People like bot followers because they can make their follower count go up fast. This can make them look popular or important on Instagram.

The Problems with Bot Followers

Bot followers are against Instagram rules

Instagram doesn’t allow bots. If Instagram finds out you’re using them, they can suspend or ban your account.

Instagram bot followers do not give you real engagement

Bot followers aren’t real people. They don’t really care about your content. This can hurt your credibility and how people see you.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes engagement over follower count when determining post visibility.

So if the majority of your followers are bots that don’t interact with your content, your posts are less likely to be shown to your real audience. This can lead to a significant drop in organic reach and engagement.

Bot followers harms your reputation

Having bot followers can make people trust you less. People like to follow accounts that are honest and genuine. It can also lead to spam and unwanted interactions.

Bots are often used to leave irrelevant comments, send spam messages, and generally create a poor user experience for your real followers.

bot followers ruin your credibility

How to Get Real Followers

Instead of using bots, focus on growing your followers in a real way:

🤍Make Great Content: Post things people like and want to see.

🤍Talk to Your Followers: Respond to comments and messages. People like feeling heard.

🤍Work with Real Influencers: Collaborate with people who truly like your brand and can share it with their followers honestly.

🤍Use Instagram Features: Explore Instagram’s different features to connect with more people naturally.

How to avoid Instagram Bot followers:

1. Manually remove and block bot accounts:

Regularly review your follower list and unfollow any accounts that appear to be bots (e.g. new accounts with no posts). Instagram shows “potential spam” accounts when you open your follower list.

2. Use third-party moderation tools:

Use an Instagram management tool like NapoleonCat or Statusbrew that offers automated spam detection and removal features.

check Instagram bot followers

As a marketer, take these tips down 👇🏽

you can always ask influencers to send you their statistics:

🤍A lot of followers but low engagement rate: This tells you that an influencer has most likely bought bot followers.

🤍Profiles following the influencer: Check if followers are not real people. You can use tools like Promoty to check followers’ credibility.

🤍Influencer’s follower growth over time: If you suspect that an influencer has increased the number of their followers dishonestly, you can check this with tools that show the change in numbers over time.

Molly mae Instagram credibility

Bot followers are not a quick fix

Instagram bot followers might seem like a quick fix, but they come with big risks.It’s better to grow your followers organically by creating good content and connecting with your audience in a real way. That’s how you build a strong and trustworthy presence on Instagram.

If you want to check your content creators bot followers, you can try out our Promoty tools today. 

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