Here’s how to ask influencers to promote your product

Working with influencers helps you to increase brand recognition, reach a wider audience, and leverage influencers’ credibility. However, successfully persuading influencers to promote your product requires careful thought. Here are 7 tips to empower you in your quest for influencer marketing success! ✨

1. Start with engagement, not paychecks

At first, try to build real relationships with potential influencers. Get authentically involved, offering thoughtful feedback and unwavering support. Building a strong connection before jumping into payment talks is vital.

Influencer fees can vary widely, influenced by factors like their follower count and the platform you choose. When you establish a genuine relationship first, influencers are often more open to discussing their rates for promoting your product.

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2. Send personalized messages for a personal connection

When you’re ready to reach out, don’t rely on generic templates. Instead, take the time to create emails that feel personal and genuine. Express your appreciation for their work, share what you genuinely admire about their content, and underline the shared values that connect with your brand. If you can, choose email over direct messages.

Start with a friendly and straightforward message like: “Hey, we’re really into your content – it’s so positive and uplifting! Our mission is to make people happier by providing them with mental health tools. Would you be interested in teaming up?” You can then figure out the details together. This personal approach is more likely to catch their eye and kickstart a genuine conversation.

3. Start with a thoughtful gesture

Kick off your influencer collaboration with a warm and generous gesture: giving gifts.

After reaching out to influencers who genuinely resonate with your brand, share your product with them and invite them to experience it firsthand. Encourage them to share their authentic feedback and experiences. These genuine testimonials build a strong foundation of trust with their audience, laying the groundwork for a successful partnership.

Think of it as the beginning of an exciting journey with a friendly and personal touch. 🪄

4. Prepare for the payment negotiations

Navigating the payment landscape in the influencer marketing world can be a bit like exploring a jungle. Influencers offer different ways to work together, like cost per endeavor (CPE), pay per step, and pay per conversion. Thus, it’s essential to choose the payment model that aligns best with your campaign goals.

Before you give your influencer campaign the ship, start the journey with a hard calculation of potential return on investment (ROI). Take into account an influencer’s content metrics, such as views, click-through rates, and conversion rates, as well as your average order value. These standards relax practical expectations and provide opportunities for healthy budgeting.

If you’re trying to get an influencer to promote your product for free, you should reconsider it – creating content is quite a lot of work, and influencers should be rewarded fairly. Also, some influencers only accept deals with a fixed fee: in case you’re offering an affiliate deal, it would be good to mention it early on.

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Personal discount codes are an amazing way to measure influencer marketing ROI

6. Boost engagement with shoutouts, contests, and giveaways

In the fast-paced world of social media, creating a lasting impression is crucial. Partner with influencers to craft shoutouts on platforms like Instagram, making sure they truly love your product. This turns their shoutout into a genuine recommendation that connects with their audience.

To boost your influencer campaigns, try adding fun contests and giveaways. Invite the influencer’s followers to participate with simple entry rules and tempting prizes, making it easy for more people to join in the fun.

7. Cultivate long-term relationships

Consider building lasting relationships with influencers whose values seamlessly align with your brand’s ethos – usually, long-term influencer partnerships bring the best results!

Brand ambassadorship requires continuous promotion over an extended short-term canvas. These relationships deepen the influencer’s relationship with the audience, building trust and loyalty. Not to mention that most influencers prefer long-term collaborations!

P. S. To nurture and grow strong influencer relationships, you need an influencer relationship management tool that helps you to find the right influencers, and keep them organized. Promoty is one of them – create a free account to try it out! ♡

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Summary: here’s how to a influencers to promote your product 📝

In a nutshell, here’s how you get influencers to promote your product: first, get to know your audience well, then pick the right influencers who match your customers, and start building genuine connections with them. After that, you can give influencers a friendly hello with a small gift.

Once you start working together, keep the relationship going, and soon you’ll have a successful campaign that will bring new clients on board.

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