Leverage influencer marketing for Christmas campaigns

Before the holiday season when the sales go up, most brands would benefit from additional visibility. If your target group is active on Instagram, influencer marketing for Christmas is a must. Not to mention that 52% of consumers find gift inspiration from social media ads!

Here are some ideas on how to be successful with marketing during Christmas. 👇🏼

1. Work with influencers to get Christmas visuals

As the holidays are approaching, you probably need cute Christmassy (product) photos for your brand’s social media.

Creating visuals is one of the superpowers of influencers – as they do it daily, they know perfectly well what kind of content works on Instagram. Hence, increasingly more brands work with influencers to get visuals for their social media. Here are some of our previous years’ campaign photos!

Seasonal Instagram feed by Belief
blog post cover
Seasonal Instagram feed by Belief
katriinhu x leni campaign photo on promoty
Laura Klauzer x Marabou christmas campaign photo

One of the benefits of Promoty is that the brand has the full right to use all the created content on their social media channels. Firstly, it is much cheaper than hiring a photographer and a model, renting a studio, and getting all the accessories you need. Secondly, content created by influencers is often more emotional, trendy, and therefore more suitable for social media than so-called “professionally created” content.

If you want to use the visuals on your channels exclusively, you can ask influencers not to post them on their feeds – on Promoty, this type of collaboration is called a “Content-only” campaign.

Content-only campaign is especially efficient before Christmas: as all brands want social media visibility before holidays and no professional influencer wants their profile to be seen as a digital advertising magazine, there is a higher chance that influencers will accept such collaborations – and most of the time for a lower fee.

2. Start early to avoid stress

It’s the same with all Christmas-related activities: the sooner you start, the more stress-free it goes!

While influencers can get the content done very quickly (we’ve had campaigns where social media is full of posts the same or the next day after setting up the campaign), it’d be better to give them some time to create the content. Especially during Christmas, when they have more collaborations and non-social media responsibilities than usual!

Therefore, it’s wise to set up your Christmas campaign as early as possible. It would be good to leave at least 4-5 days for influencers to apply. With product campaigns, it takes a few days for the package to arrive, and then the influencer should have a few days to take a high-quality photo, edit it, and think of the caption. Since influencers must also submit their content on Promoty before posting it (so that the brand could approve it), it is also worth considering 2-3 days to give the influencer feedback and let them make the requested changes.

3. Do influencer campaigns with a Christmas twist

A good campaign starts from well-thought-out goals and a good campaign brief that clearly communicates the brand’s expectations to the influencer.

For example, you can give an influencer a hint that your product or service would be a good Christmas present so that they could build their post’s caption around this message. You can also ask them to give their suggestions on choosing a Christmas present for someone special from your products.

For product campaigns, instead of just sending the influencer a selection of your products, you could say you’re sending the influencer a Christmas package or a surprise gift.

It is also worth collecting ideas from around the world when planning your Christmas campaigns. For example, our team fell in love with  Primark’s red-striped shopping bags that can later be used to wrap gifts or make Christmas decorations!

Influence marketing case study: Marabou’s expanded product range

Goal: Introduce Marabou’s new products during the holiday season

Reward: Money + products (snacks worth of 60€)
Posts: 5
Reach: 145 604
Likes: 3555
Comments: 1318
CPE*: 0,11€

*CPE – cost per engagement

4. Don’t forget about the Black Friday

Many consumers start with their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Therefore, it makes sense to start with your marketing already in November.

However, it’s quite difficult to stand out during that time as there are ads and offers everywhere. That’s why it’s wise to approach potential customers through influencers who recommend your products to their followers, introduce the Black Friday special offer, and direct them to your online store.

Here’s how to do it:

🖤  Introduce your offers a few weeks earlier – so your customers will already plan their purchases and be excited about it!

GymShark is one of the brands that do influencer marketing very well within Black Friday. They introduce their offers a few weeks earlier, both on their website, on social media channels, but much more through brand ambassadors on their Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Influencers share their favorite products, outfits, and the prices of clothing.

This way they already stand out earlier, and on the day all the other brands come out with their special offers, they already have an advantage.

Through content creators, GymShark creates hype around their clothes which is why their sales numbers are very high every year.

🖤  Create a limited offer. Limited availability creates fear of missing out which makes your potential customers want your product even more!

🖤  Ask influencers to share their favorite products – and don’t forget to leverage story links!

From this fall, Instagram users will be able to add links to the story. Be sure to ask the influencers to do it – this way, they can easily drive traffic to your website, online store or product page! Using UTM tags, you can also measure how many website visits did each collaboration bring.

One of the coolest Black Friday campaigns we’ve had is “Solaris is black” by cultural shopping centre Solaris.

During the Black Friday weekend, restaurants in Solaris offered black food and stores brought out their black products. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about the Black Friday offers in the Solaris centre. Therefore, the photo had to be taken in Solaris Centre, plus black products or food, and the influencer had to be in the picture.

Micro-influencer marketing case study: “Solaris is Black”

Targeting: 1000+ followers, engagement rate starting from 5%, any gender.

Reward: Monetary
Posts: 13
Reach: 246 606
Likes: 7392
CPE: 0,12€

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5. Be strategic about your influencer marketing

Well-thought-out and well-targeted campaigns help attract both influencers and customers. One of our best examples from last Christmas is Mylook online store. They ran multiple Christmas campaigns with different messages for each target market (Estonia, Finland, Latvia). Additionally, they set up a New Year’s campaign for a Russian-speaking target group in Estonia.

In addition, we always recommend doing multiple collaboration posts with each influencer (as MyLook did). While single posts may not catch the attention in the busy pre-holiday season on social media, long-term influencer partnerships seem much more trustworthy and are remembered better. In addition, this way potential customers have several touchpoints with the brand which increases the probability of making the purchase decision.

Lemettikatja x MyLook campaign photo

@miss_kalashnikova x MyLook campaign photos

    6. Offer influencers personal discount codes

    Giving influencers personal discount codes is good for three reasons. Firstly, a good discount is a strong call to action to get a potential customer to make a purchase. Secondly, it helps you as a marketer understand how many sales each collaboration brought. Thirdly, influencers often like this option because this way they can  offer value by sharing something useful with their followers!

    Additionally, if you generate discount codes that are valid only for a short time or have a limited number of uses, it will encourage potential customers to make a purchase faster, thus might increase your sales!

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    7. Keep the changed consuming habits in mind

    When planning your Christmas campaigns, take into account people’s fears and changed consumption habits. For example, many people prefer ordering products online to going to crowded stores. Therefore, it is reasonable to direct potentially interested people to your online shop if possible (it also makes it easier to measure the results!).

    8. Support influencer marketing with paid advertising

    Paid advertising is a good way to get more visibility or to generate more touchpoints with potential customers in order to increase the chance of the purchase.

    For example, you can use influencer marketing to direct potential customers to your website or Instagram profile, and then show them retargeting ads. This way you can for example reach those who have visited your Instagram profile but haven’t been to your online store yet.

    Laura Klauzer x Marabou christmas campaign photo

    Influencer marketing is a great way to support your Christmas campaigns with strong word-of-mouth marketing, vibrant visuals, and well-targeted sales promotion. If you have any questions about our platform or you’d like to discuss your Christmas campaigns, reach out to us – we’d be happy to help!

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