Influencers in Latvia: TOP 25 on Instagram and TikTok


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Latvia is an amazing country with rich culture and many inspiring creators. However, finding relevant social media influencers in Latvia can be quite a challenge – there are just so many of them! How to find influencers who match your brand?

Here’s the list of the biggest Latvian influencers on Instagram and TikTok – along with a step-by-step guide on how to find more of them 👇🏼


The biggest influencers in Latvia

Here are the TOP 15 most followed Latvia-based influencers on Instagram:

  1. Leeenamier (@leeenamier) – 0.3M followers
  2. Jelena Ostapenko (@jelena.ostapenko) – 0.2M followers
  3. Kristaps Zutis (@alfijs) – 0.2M followers
  4. Paula Freimane (@paolafreeman) – 0.1M followers
  5. Armand Hlevitsky (@hlevitsky_films) – 0.1M followers
  6. Prāta Vētra / BrainStorm (@brainstormofficial) – 0.1M followers
  7. OR Mēbeles (@ormebeles) – 0.1M followers
  8. Dāniels (@dkdriftpage) – 0.1M followers
  9. Niklāvs Mičulis (@niklavs) – 0.1M followers
  10. Sadursme (@sadursme) – 0.1M followers
  11. Samanta Tīna Official (@samantatina) – 0.1M followers
  12. Uncle Rodion (@contour7) – 0.1M followers
  13. Amoralle (@amoralle) – 0.1M followers
  14. Sandis Helvigs (@sandishelvigs) – 0.1M followers
  15. Niks Endziņš (@niksendzins) – 0.1M followers


TOP 10 most followed Latvian influencers on TikTok:

  1. Dednahype (@dednahype) – 15.7M followers
  2. PumbaCaracal (@pumbacaracal) – 9.5M followers
  3. TheBTeam (@thebteam_official) – 1.6M followers
  4. IES (@iesamongus) – 1.6M followers
  5. gmod.trolgeh was here (@gmod.trolgeh) – 1.3M followers
  6. KristapsKK (@kristapskk) – 1.1M followers
  7. A4_top (@white_brain0) – 1.1M followers
  8. Tom Era (@tomera8) – 0.8M followers
  9. drawinsh (@drawinsh) – 0.8M followers
  10. tumanov (@treylyhype) – 0.8M followers



📝 Your guide to finding Latvian influencers

In general, there are two ways to find Latvia-based influencers: searching for influencers manually or using an influencer search tool. Here are some tips for both approaches!

1. Searching on Google

The most straightforward way to find influencers is by searching on Google – you’ve probably already tried that! You can search for keywords like top Latvian influencers, Latvian mom bloggers, beauty influencers in Latvia, or influencers in Riga. The more specific your search term is, the better results you’ll get!

2. Searching manually on social media

The easiest way to find influencers on Instagram is by searching by hashtags and keywords: make sure to check relevant hashtags like #Latvia, #Latvianinfluencer, or #Latvianblogger. If you’re looking for influencers in a specific city, try keywords and hashtags related to these cities.

Secondly, you can check locations like Latvia, Riga, and other major cities. Additionally, you can check local restaurants, cafes, and other places that influencers might go to.

Once you’ve found an influencer you’d like to work with, you can check profiles that are similar to theirs. This way, you will see a list of similar influencers you might want to work with!


Instagram similar users

When it comes to manually finding influencers on TikTok, the search process is the same: you can search by hashtags, keywords, and phrases. When you’re on the phone, you can also set filters for the search. If you’re looking for influencers, select “Users” in the top menu – and use the filters to see profiles with over 10,000 or 100,000 followers.


3. Using an influencer search tool

As finding relevant influencers manually might be terribly time-consuming, we recommend using an influencer search tool.

Promoty is one of them: we have a global database with 190M social media influencers. By filtering the database by influencers’ interests, location, social media data, audience demographics, or other criteria, you can find exactly the right influencers for your brand.

If you’re looking for Latvia-based influencers, just set the Location field to “Latvia” or any relevant city in Latvia – or use the keyword search.

If you’re looking for influencers with a Latvian audience, set the Audience Location field to “Latvia”. Additionally, you can filter influencers by age, gender, location, audience demographics, and other criteria.


Using Promoty to find TikTokinfluencers


For every influencer, you can also see their engagement rate, average likes, audience demographics (age, location, gender), brand affinity, most-used hashtags, followers’ credibility, previous sponsored posts, followers’ growth over time, similar profiles, and much more.

Here’s what Instagram profile analytics looks like! 👇🏼


Profile analytics on Promoty’s influencer analytics tool


To sum it up: the best ways to find Latvian creators for your brand

If you want to find relevant influencers for your brand, you can try searching manually on Instagram, using keywords, hashtags, and similar profiles – or use an influencer search engine that allows you to find suitable influencers in just a few minutes.

We definitely recommend the second option: you could save hours of time and find much better influencers. Create a free account and try it yourself! 👇🏼





Get detailed profile analytics for every influencer.

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