Run fast and effective influencer marketing campaigns

Save time on influencer marketing: find the right Instagram influencers for your brand and manage all the collaborations in one place.


β†’ 1.Β  Find the right influencers
for your brand

On Promoty, influencers apply to work with you. This way, you can find influencers who are already fans of your brand 🀍

If you want to find influencers yourself, Influencer Discovery gives you access to a global database of Instagram influencers.

β†’ 2.Β  Save time on influencer marketing

Manage all your influencer marketing in one place: favorite influencers, ongoing campaigns, collaboration deals, and posted content.

Enjoy detailed insights about influencers, automated payouts, and campaign reports.

β†’ 3.Β  Outsource your influencer management

Work with our team to save time and get better results: tell us about your business goals and we’ll do the campaign management for you.

Here’s how
it works

β†’ 1. Set up a campaign

Firstly, write your campaign brief: describe your campaign goals, tell about your expectations for the content and set the criteria for the influencers who can apply.

β†’ 2. Influencers apply to the campaign

Once the campaign is set up, influencers can apply to your campaign. This helps you find influencers who really want to work with your brand – we call them superfans 🀍

If you want to find the influencers yourself, Influencer Discovery gives you an access to a global database of Instagram influencers.

β†’ 3. Choose the influencers to work with

Based on the influencers’ Instagram metrics, followers’ demographics (location, age, and gender), and previous content, you can find the right influencers for your brand.

β†’ 4. Review the content before posting

Before posting, influencers upload their content on Promoty for pre-approval. Your role is to accept the content or request for changes.

Once the content is approved, the influencer can share it with their audience.

β†’ 5. Track campaign statistics

No more screenshots and Excel sheets – by using Promoty, you can see the campaign statistics (reach, likes, comments, saves, etc) for individual posts or the whole campaign in one place.

Get full social media rights for all the created content

β†’Β  If you’d like to get exclusive content for your brand’s social media, choose the content-only campaign type.

Belief campaign photo on Promoty

Here’s what other
marketers say:

β€œWe were looking for fans of Taffel fans with different looks and in different ages who, with their genuine work, would tell the story of the Taffel brand.


Finding such a target audience for your own product descriptions requires resources, which is why Promoty provided a valuable tool for finding suitable influencers.


We gave the influencers a lot of freedom with creating the visuals. Everyone was allowed to choose their favorite product – that was something that gave the images a genuine feel.


Our goal was to getΒ 10 images – but in the end, we bought 27 vibrant images. In general, we got a lot more than we dared to hope for.”

Wilma Inkinen LM Someco Β influencer marketing experience with Promoty

Wilma Inkinen
LM Someco


β€œThe collaboration with Promoty was smooth, agile, and positive.


Things are handled so efficiently when faced with an expert who clearly knows the field of influencers and his or her own service excellently. For these reasons, doing Lumene’s micro-influencer campaign with Promoty was not only pleasant but also very easy for us.


I especially recommend managing your campaign through Promoty – it’s a smart service that saves the customer’s time. Additionally, it’s great to be able to track campaign statistics in real-time.”

Saara Ritvos


What I value the most about Promoty is the ability to manage campaigns according to my current need – I can select the right influencers at any given time, even when sitting in a traffic jam!


Promoty is a priceless tool when time is valuable.

Doris RoΕΎdestvenski
Marketing Manager


Use Promoty for 50€ monthly. Cancel anytime.

Promoty Free

βœ“Β  Add up to 10 influencers in CRM
βœ“Β  Create up to 5 brands
βœ“Β  Create unlimited CRM boards
βœ“Β  Chat with influencers
βœ—Β  Β Find influencers worldwide
βœ—Β Β  Detailed influencer analytics
βœ—Β Β  Detect collaboration content






Promoty Premium

βœ“Β  Add up to 50 influences in CRM
βœ“Β  Create up to 5 brands
βœ“Β  Create unlimited CRM boards
βœ“Β  Add unlimited team members
βœ“Β  Chat with influencers
βœ“Β  150 Discovery credits to find influencers and see their detailed analytics
βœ“Β  Detect collaboration content




or 550€ yearly



Build your own plan

βœ“Β  Custom influencer slots
βœ“Β  Custom Discovery credits

Promoty Premium influencer slots and discovery credits

Possible add-ons:

βœ“Β  Templates for contracts
Β  Custom payouts to influencers
Β  Add read-only colleagues
βœ“Β  Campaign management service
βœ“Β  White label solution