How to find local influencers for your brand?

Finding local influencers on global platforms like Instagram and TikTok can be quite a challenge. Here is your full guide ti finding local influencers for your brand! ??

1. Manually finding local influencers on Instagram

As a first step, you’re probably trying to find influencers on Instagram – searching by keywords, relevant hashtags, locations, or similar profiles. Here are some tips for that!

By relevant keywords and hashtags

You can find potential influencers using keywords and hashtags. For example, if you’re looking for South African influencers, make sure to check hashtags like #southafricaninfluencer, #southafricanblogger, and #capetownblogger. If you’re looking for local niche influencers, try hashtags like #southafricanfashionblogger.

If you know the local language, you can also try hashtags in this language. 

By location ?

This is pretty obvious: if you’re looking for local influencers, check for the local locations: country, cities, bars, cafeterias, restaurants, and other places that influencers might go to.

Similar profiles

When you’ve found an Instagram influencer that you’d like to work with, you can check profiles that are similar to theirs: click on the little ? button next to the “Message” button on their profile when on mobile or the little arrow button next to “Follow” when on desktop. This way, you will see a list of similar influencers you might want to work with!

South African influencers: boity similar accounts on Instagram

Similar Instagram users to @boity

2. Searching for local influencers on TikTok

When it comes to manually finding influencers on TikTok, the search process is the same: you can search by keywords and hashtags. However, as hashtags like #southafricaninfluencer are less used on TikTok, it might be pretty difficult to find local influencers without knowing the local language.

3. Using influencer search tools

Searching for local influencers manually is extremely time-consuming: when we started Promoty, it took us over 40 hours to find the first 100 Estonian influencers for our campaign! Thus, we recommend using influencer search tools to save time and get more relevant search results.

Promoty is one of them: our Influencer Discovery makes finding TikTok and Instagram influencers a lot faster and easier. We have a global influencer database that you can filter by influencers’ location, their audience location, age and gender; interests, brand affinity, and other criteria.

For example, if you were searching for Estonian influencers, your search would look like this:

Estonian instagram influencers – find local influenceres on Instagram or TikTok

Using Promoty’s influencer search tool to find local influencers in Estonia

If you’re searching for Estonia-based influencers, you can set the influencer’s location to Estonia (or Tallinn or any other city). If you’re searching for bloggers with an Estonian audience, you can filter our global database by the influencer’s audience.

Additionally, you can narrow your search by the influencer’s followers, age, interests, and other criteria. For example, if you’re looking for makeup tutorials, men’s style, party themes, or free printables, write that in the Keyword in bio filter. If your brand’s target audience is 25-34 yo women, set the Audience filters accordingly. That helps you to find exactly the right influencers ?

For every Instagram and TikTok influencer, you can also see their engagement rate, average likes, audience demographics (age, location, gender), brand affinity, most-used hashtags, followers’ credibility, previous sponsored posts, followers’ growth over time, similar profiles, and much more.

Here’s what the Instagram account report looks like! ??

Maria Rannaväli – influencer audience demographics

local influencer’s Instagram report on Promoty’s influencer analytics tool

To sum it up: the best ways to local influencers

You can try manually searching for local influencers on social media – but that might be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know the local language. Thus, using an influencer search tool like Promoty will probably you will save hundreds of hours of work ??

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